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Flights Of Forgery And Fabrication

So, we had an eclipse, what happened? Mercury plans to turn direct on the eclipse degree conjunct Mars on September 5th and it is more than likely that there will be a a detailed report coming to our mailboxes, perhaps growing in length as the fax machine disgorges more perforated paper over the course of Mercury’s second ingress into Virgo, passing Regulus’ superbright worklight where the guts of the eclipse sight are being scanned. Do we then gain some insight into this eclipse? One so heavily Mars themed that seemed to produce, on the social level, rapid political polarization and highly visual public display of outcry leading up to it, the issues literally becoming black and white, and then surprising unrelated optimistic during the event itself, where people en mass temporarily threw issues aside to congregate as neighboring humans sharing in the excitement and rarity of a natural phenomenon with childlike awe, a great many keeping their fingers crossed that a nuclear holocaust wasn’t imminent, and a great many more if not nearly all hoping that the president will be impeached.

To pick apart these themes we must keep in mind that not all eclipses are the same and that they belong to various cycles. Families of solar eclipses, called saros series, begin as a Moon’s shadow striking the north pole (for an ascending node eclipse series) and working their way down to the south pole over a period of 1,200 to 1,300 years, some nearly 50 (roughly 43) saros series simultaneously cycling over the Earth at a time as we experiences our two eclipse seasons a year. As stated last week, the nodes take roughly 18.6 years to round the ecliptic, so you can find the last eclipse that took place on this exact same point in the ecliptic (29 Leo) almost 19 years ago as the sun will return to the same point annually, but it won’t be an eclipse of the same saros series, for that we look back in 18 years and roughly 11 day increments and find our last eclipse in this family. The interesting thing is that each individual saros series has a particular ‘flavor’ or ‘theme’, and to locate that theme we look at the “birthchart” of the series itself (the exact time it occurred on the North Pole) and the world events that transpired around each of its eclipses. This particular series is referred to by NASA as Saros 145, and by prominent astrologer on the subject, Bernadette Brady as SS North 1. Looking at it’s birthchart, January 4th 1639 at 4:56 a.m. we find it occurred in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and nearby to Venus. Here we can clearly see the social aspects of this series triggering deep connections to the wonders of the natural world among friends, loved ones and neighbors. It occurred sextile to Mars in Pisces; for the moment, all aggressions dissolved into dissolution of the imaginative essence of the expanding universe. Indeed, looking back through the occurrences of Saros 145 we see other prime examples of prominent total eclipses lighting up the wonderment of American’s, European’s and others over the centuries recognizing the eclipses as celebrated scientific events. Neptune happened to be sextile the eclipse as well, and though it is a friendlier aspect, Mercury’s powers of scrutiny tend to buckle a bit under Neptune’s illusory influence, even when he is in sober and grounded Capricorn. Looking over the many examples of Saros 145 eclipses throughout the last hundred years we find many examples of highly publicized misinformation, claims and testaments that cause big swellings of emotions and action in the populace that are eventually lanced when the truth comes out somewhat deflating the tension but leaving a sobering disenchantment. The theme of what is real and what is fake is certainly key today, and Saros 145 seems to use distortions of truth to remind us of truth’s core essence and how it feels to know the difference between what our passions cause us to “like” to believe and what is actually happening.

Interestingly, there is a subtheme in the 145 cycle of flying and aircraft events, aeronautical precedents, setbacks, crashes, and completions. These take us eventually out of the sky and into orbit, to the Moon, and now past it. There does seem to be an elegant connection between the two themes, what is true and what is false and the dynamics of leaving the earth for the air in a cycle born heavily rooted to Capricorn dynamics. Saturn is in early Aquarius in 145’s birthchart, perhaps suggesting that the known core of human experience must be left during 145 eclipses to explore the outer reaches, in this case literally the air, to then gain perspective on the ground, the true lay of the land, by looking down. The inflation and bursting of information distorts the truth until facts are seen for what they are from the heights and we come back down, either gently or with an unfortunate impact.

Another theme seems to be strikes, riots and protests within sporting culture, usually again born of tumorous rumors and untruths. Many 145 eclipses saw female athletes breaking records and winning prominent competitions. Before I had combed all this out of 145’s history, I happened to watch the film ‘The Eagle Huntress’ the night of the eclipse, a movie literally documenting a young girl becoming the first female eagle huntress to compete and be victorious in Mongolia against the expectations of most elders in the culture claiming it was not at all possible, and even in denial of her eminence after the winning sweep, and obviously this was directly in relation to the flight and mastery of relationship with a flying creature. I wondered about falconry in general as I watched the film, and how much of a role it might have played in the theological and cultural conflicts of biblical days when the big problem in the texts springs from the Fallen Angels, or perhaps the anthropomorphic spirits of predatory birds, sharing their knowledge of earthly secrets with willing female humans.

Looking at the historical precedents around the eclipse season of January 1639 we find people reading the final book of a then-blind Galileo on the strength of materials and the motion of objects. (almost creepily, I also watched the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ during this eclipse season). People were also reading the just published at the time ‘The Man in the Moone’, or “the Discovrse of a Voyage thither“ by Domingo Gonsales” (an early example of Science Fiction) which drew on the theories of Kepler and Copernicus. The Ottoman Grand Vizier Tayyar Mehmet Pasha, who died only days after the Lunar eclipse that began the eclipse season when 145 was born, carried the epithet Tayyar, which meant “Flying”, in regards to the speed of his military operations. A prominent American event that around the birth of 145 was the drafting in Connecticut of the “Fundamental Orders”, which is considered by many historians and disputed by others to be the first official ‘Constitution’ written in America, and gave Connecticut the title the Constitution State. It’s aim was to make Connecticut a self-ruled colony. According to John Taylor (from the Colonial Lawmaker, c. 1900) “there is no record of the debates or proceedings of the drafting or enactment of the Fundamental Orders”, although the text itself survives. Here we see clearly a variance in truth that has obvious future consequences.

It has been speculated by other astrologers that the events of this current eclipse will unfold into next year in a perhaps very tidy form. Uranus’, The North Node’s and Saturn’s grand trine persisting throughout 2017 in combination with Mars’ recent purification and Mercury’s retrograde back to Mars on the eclipse point followed later in this year when Saturn Conjuncts both the Sun and direct and retrograde Mercury on the winter solstice as Saturn ingresses into rulership into Capricorn, the sign where the eclipse occurred that birthed 145, even though the node then was in Sagittarius, close to where Saturn is now. A lot of meaningful and elegant interplay, and what some have conjectured is that the obviousness of our broken political system made blazingly clear by the events surrounding this eclipse will have officials digging back into constitutional texts and their predecessors for a deep review and possible rewrite, where they will encounter the very document drafted during or just after the birth eclipse of Saros 145. The eclipse of the Moon which occurred on December 21st 1638 beginning the eclipse season which birthed 145 was the first eclipse to occur on a winter solstice in the common era; more than doubly highlighting the dynamic of this particular 145 eclipse we just had and the winter solstice we are heading toward.

There is more than one rhythm at play in this current eclipse. It was Saros 145 that hit the fixed star Regulus in the third decan of Leo this time, a decan known for standing up for what is virtuous and authentic as outside forces threaten the hold your identity has on your spirit next to a star that lights up high visibility whether or not there is deserved merit, conjunct Mars in a decan ruled by Mars. This point in the zodiac gets triggered by an eclipse roughly every 19 years, each time by a different Saros series of eclipses. As Bernadette Brady explains, this is part of Regulus’ cycle of North Node eclipse conjunctions rather than what is attributed to 145’s cycle, it being 145 that hit Regulus only on this every 19 year occasion. In 1998 when this area got hit by another saros series eclipse nuclear tensions, North Korea’s first satellite in space, the first bombing directed at Al-Qaeda from the U.S. and the attempt to impeach Bill Clinton were all in the news. When it occurred in 1979 the U.S. began testing nuclear weapons in Nevada. Parallels to today can clearly be drawn. These are frightening occurrences, but cross referenced through 145’s general repertoire they are not necessarily harbingers of the end, as 145 normally involves flights of fantasy and then crash landings back to reality. Some high roosts will be achieved in the flight, and there may be ways to hold these winnings when gravity kicks in…

There is the world and then there is us as individuals, and to connect these parallels of Regulus eclipse transits in our charts, let us consider: pressure will surely be applied in areas that concern groups and group stresses but we shall proceed through the ordeal unscathed as long as we don’t try to enact any revenge from receiving the Regulus upper hand, as it has been noted in traditional sources, it is Regulus’ ability to imbue fame and eminence that elevates individual status (in whatever area the eclipse occured in your chart) and the use of that influential prominence to strike out at enemies which brings Regulus natives down. What makes you highly visible and famous can also make you infamously heinous, depending on what audiences see you do.

As far as the upcoming week, keep riding on autopilot for now and don’t make any rash decisions and or swerving maneuvers. Eclipses replace lunations, so the season will persist until the full moon on September 6th, with the Moon conjunct Neptune, when we get to observe our dreams and delusions at their watery heights and see them in highly detailed clarity. More on this next week. Until then expect more weirdness to pop out of the void, especially as Mercury is retrograde until September 5th. When he turns direct conjunct Mars on the eclipse degree tune your receiver radios to this frequency explicitly, as there are going to be some very specific facts and coordinates of action broadcast then, maybe some ghost numbers and reanimated Instagators suddenly seizing microphones (or happened to have been bugged) and going live on the citizens band, so make sure to scan wide from commercial radio, to AM to short wave to CB and even to the frequencies of overtones and layered doublenotes in our own solitary chanting. What does the body have to say about the authority of spirit on this day? What do our actions communicate and is what we are known for, our profiles of charisma, authentic or masks that merely grab us the most attention? Keep your heads screwed down tight and the masks that serve you well secure, as we know from magic, if it works to our benefit, why would we need to wonder if its real or not?

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