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Jewel Of The Vial

Now that we have passed the Full Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and the Pluto opposition to the Sun in Cancer that followed, we may lift our heads as the black fluid drains from the vase and inspect the flower stems that were obscured by the opacity, the chthonic squid ink draining out newly pierced port holes, the bilge spewing out excretory orifices rather than returning to the heart via veins. We now have leave to flee the House Harkonnen dinner party that was so painfully obligational. The Moon’s progress into Aquarius and trine to Jupiter in Libra provided plenty of psi from the compressor to blow out all the carburetor valves and air out our jets and emotional fuel juggling systems. The painfully obvious tumult of scales set in motion on turbulent seas as the Sun surveyed Cancer’s emotional waters in plain sight of the Moon slipping in to feel out the depths of a black hole dilating in our main or many stairwells was nothing short of horror cinema sequence for many. Similar to crossing your fingers over the weekend as your possible promotion is pending then accidentally stumbling across a video tape of your spouse hypnotized into having therapeutic sex with your boss sanctioned by your therapist; the precursor sequence to a bloody vampire epic or slasher sequel cascade. No bother though now. It was just a nightmare, only one that occurred in a waking dream, and given the Capricornian Underworld drug we were slipped, having curtly rode out of Hell on the tail feathers of a silvery peacock, we reflect on the terror and disgust we felt with a constructive complication. Whatever got the black light put on it for you, you most likely learned your lesson and will be cleaning your pipes and changing your habits, permanently if you can muster it.

Before the Creature Feature this past weekend we experienced a changing of the guards and the aesthetic, mood, social and goal shifts that go with a heralding of throne transference, each single sovereign appointing their preferred Couturier to Head Design for the House; Venus entered Gemini and Mercury Leo. We won’t see further culture shock shifts until the 20th of July, when the Coronation really kicks into gear. From now until then we ride out a chain of serial dramas and dream sequences that fill the episodes proceeding the pilot when you are getting to know the characters, their theoretical and theatrical juices running over your palate and swirling with your saliva in a symphony of stage humorics, that at times might rapidly rollercoast vertically leaving the safety of Showtime Docudrama for the frontlines of a Gwar concert. Dispelling the distance between voyeur and object can mutate ‘Shakespeare In The Park’ to ‘Woodstock 99’ in less than a planetary hour. Of course this is the sci-fi summer serum of the outer planets jazzing it up like outlawed Sparks.

The Moon conjuncts Neptune at 14 Pisces on Thursday the 13th during Jupiter day and hour in an apt near Antiscia: More like crossed signals than catching sight of each other through mirrored reflections. Instead of the knowing wink between driver and backseat rider this is like accidentally dreaming each other’s dreams, or swapping feelings. Hearts swell with metaphysical mystery, the burgeoning feeling of the universe’s ungraspable vastness and complexity, the impossible infinity of syncronicities running through every subtle expression thematically, escaping our summation of intellect overfilling our spiritual water-baloons until the fluids blurble out and take flight in our cranial amphitheaters, the wet echo chambers of our souls where muddled voices reverberate off slick and starry stalactite that drip with semen and vulval secretion, our brains rotating buoyant in our wombs; or their brains in our wombs; or our brains in their wombs… “I’m not sure”… akin to the compassion triggered from heavy psychedelics causing identity’s cessation, no longer rooted in bodies, just intelligent voices in swirling pools of incarnation. Of course, being a Moon well on the wane, this won’t be a 24 hour trip, but a silver thread that dives and surfaces through our monastic robes in a loose stitch with a quick cadence, and is most likely to rear its head as sensations amidst prayer or devotional contemplation.

The following day, (Friday the 14th) Mercury in Leo sextiles our big planet in the afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Chiron before she exits Pisces’ rarified dissolution only to be fired out an ivory handled revolver barrel as a warped pearl bullet into Aries hot skirmish scramble, a forgotten old-school play for covering Uranus by Sunday the 16th. Friday’s aerial sextile will hang perfume in the air much longer than the Moon-Chiron expiry waft, but for those sniffing out subtleties it can surely be smelt in the greater bouquet. A dead squirrel in a flower festival, quickly ferreted and removed from the convention center. A single rodent, alive or dead, can’t raise a miasma so great as to hinder the association of better horticulture from sharing green thumb tricks of the trade and forming alliances. Especially as the Moon-Chiron conjunction applies to a sextile with Mars who has his sights on exiting uncomfortable Cancer where he has been water weighted for the past month and a half, now with the Sun marching him towards the Lionhearted purifications of combustion in Leo, both characters already accumulating bobbles of luxury that are hallmarks of royalty like swiftly swelling grapes, as fruit harvests are hallmarks of heatwaves, the jewels surface in late Cancer like ‘Inauguration To The Pleasuredome'. The planet of action receives the Moon’s sympathy, knowing woundedness and seeing his condition in her own sign coming to a close as she wanes and exits his sign, with a little reversed resolve or trepidation. There will be some squirm to this aspect, but only those of toes ready to be cut from a cast. That anxiousness might get the best of many by Sunday the 16th when the Moon conjuncts Uranus square Mars, adding a little bit more fuel to the fire than expected. Only a few degrees away from Leo, where much of the Fiery planet’s power and honor is regained, a melting Moon spurting red lightening is enough to make nearly convalesced Mars jump the gun and hit the battleground on unsteady legs, an oft lamented military blunder. This is a Mars nervous for his trial by fire and ultimate purification in early Leo when he comes into embrace with the king, and in the blindness of light receives his future trajectory from God’s disembodied voice. Again we must turn to the necrotic build up of old power struggles, continue our inner alchemy, laundry our shadows, heat the undividable small parts with celestial plasma until they surrender the crucible and are ready for the passions within the retort. This is possibly the final boil lancing in Mars’ colon cleanse. It’s an irritating phase of the work near completion. The time in the hot tub that makes your head throb. That last night sweat after you thought the fever had subsided. Its all worth it, like intense exercise routines. A fresh cycle of power isn’t born without labor, birthing a manifestation can be rote torment, remember that demo job that had your sweaty skin covered in plaster slime, and what you were able to build once the space was cleared and cleaned, or have yet to get the opportunity. As noted by the Chiron sextile here, it could hurt so good. And the Moon does head into Taurus there-after, where we can fall winded into the vegetal paradise, and get lost in fragrant pleasures.

Despite all this deep roiling and bubbling beneath the surface, we find the bonfires around us to be magnets for fealty with Mercury traversing the second decan of Leo where we can oil our skin and adorn it with vegetal ornaments that represent our correspondences to federation and essence, the commonwealth presentation of ourselves on pedestal, where the spirits of our virtue stride before our glinting skin, before we are seen, first the perfume we’ve carefully selected is caught in olfactory baskets. Those we might meet and become acquainted, say in a market open to the sky or an airy central square, will tend toward amicability, and perhaps even deeper alliance, whether that falls for you in the realms of love, lust, career, collaboration, opportunity, or career. Indeed, our bowels may churn and burn a bit as we banish the remaining few parasites that cling to our entrails, but feeling our stomachs juggle shadow orbs within might be just the queasiness necessary to consider each other with the kindness that nurtures firm growth, the first kiss of lovers with butterflies about their waists or even the illicit handshake enacted between malicious conspirators down a shady alleyway adjacent.

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