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Septic Cup Or Seafoam Green

Now that the Sun and Mercury have deeply embedded themselves in Cancer, the only thing that remains in an air element sign is Jupiter, large and far, with it’s high wind belts a-curl and characteristic great bloody spot, a perpetual hurricane, all of which appear to be grimoiric signatures tattooed over the Greater Benefic’s spherical skin, that massive ball of fume and cloud. Interesting are these allusions on Jupiter’s surface to storm and suffocation, and the planet’s aerial attribution and deific synchronization with the prime storm god Zeus, who rules the world that spans beneath Olympus with a certain martial nature. Jupiter currently shares Libra with the Behenian fixed star Arcturus, which has been very prominent as of late in the night sky. Arcturus is the fourth-brightest star in our sky and is part of the constellation Boötes, the “Ox-Driver”, who was often thought of to wield the nearby hunting dogs of Canes Venatici and to drive the bears of Ursa Major and Minor which he keeps watch on as they circumpolate the North Star. Jake Stratton Kent has pointed out Arcturus’ probable relation to Ariton, the Cardinal Northern King, through Boötes' northernly celestial role as well as the constellations classical title Arator. The Four Kings are normally attributed to the four seasons, or four winds; Ariton’s being a wet wind, or that wind of the seasonal rains, those of Zeus that heralded by thunder and lightning bring summer torrents which moisten the crops. Likewise Jupiter is known humorically to be hot and wet, like a summer storm with it’s massive cloudbursts. Stratton-Kent notes that Agrippa says Arcturus is of the nature of Mars ‘when the Sun’s aspect is full towards it’ and Jupiter ‘when the contrary’. Indeed, the Sun is now in hot pursuit of Mars in Cancer, Mars having just passed a partile square with Jupiter while the Sun applies to one. He goes on to note Mars’ nocturnal sect in comparison to the Northern (Solstice) sign Cancer, being of water, as Mars can be in rulership of Scorpio, and furthermore offers Arcturus’ misfortunate influence on sea voyages due to ruling over watery storms. The past week, with four planets including the Moon (who has since moved on to Leo and next Virgo) in Cancer many were witness to abundant aquatic and general water-based phenomenon (perhaps a good time to conjure demons who preside over watery matters (like Elelogap via the feathery Agliarept and Tarihimal)); sloshing floods, tidal surges, sudden downpours, blinding fogs, idle sun-showers, vibrant rainbow arches diving into downhill forests or feathering into roads ahead, schools of surfacing fish, leaping sturgeons splashing, churning pools, the effects of slippery libations that seem to seep deeper into colloids than normal and drench the tissues, drowning brain cells, or general emotional deluge (either unprovoked or triggered). I can personally attest to all of these stated occurrence within the span of a few days and previously unprecedented while the Sun and Mercury hand-glided through Gemini. With Summer comes the wet and wild. The only foreshadowing we might have had is a markedly wetter spring than normal, in contrast with last years searing drought; the result of Mars’ abrasive retrograde of 2016 with its intemperate heat compared to Venus’ difficult yet progressive passions-turnovers of this year, having spent a great many weeks in the flames of Aries, she had spun about face upon her Dolphin’s Throne in exalted Pisces, marching steadily back through the fire in a wild cloud of steam.

In just under a week, the Dog Days of Summer begin with the ancient observation of Sirius’ heliacal rising on the Eastern horizon before the Sun comes up traditionally attributed to July 3rd. Sirius’ association and proximity to Orion, who has at times been seen as Osiris, himself green skinned and a Vegetal God; the calendar’s of old cross cultures wide place markers for meadow, harvest, crop, hay and herb within this next week that incepts July. Agrarian and fecund themes persist throughout the month.

On Wednesday July 28th, Mercury’s day, the Messenger sidles up to Mars, still suffering a soak in sulphury springs of healing, scented of the Devil’s perfume by the Rephaim or Honored Dead, whose chant eau de cologne subsumed from the milky Northern Gate as it swung open on the Solstice and wafted down to the humid grounds. Around this time our Martial patient is visited by the chief physician, its a definite check up on his progress, from a royal army standpoint; we need our Warrior-General functional again ASAP, and what the doctor will certainly prescribe, new bandage dressings and such, as they are wont to do, is a changing of the now septic water, a wound flush, tub scrub and freshly drawn bath. At 15 degrees Cancer, Mercury meets Mars halfway through his healing process. This precedes Mars and the Sun’s conjunction next month in Leo (July 26th at 9:03 pm). His time in Cancer heals the Warrior and gets him ready for duty when he meets with his Helio-Majesty for the “New Mars” ceremony of newly initiated cycles of power. The moment that Mercury and Mars meet is one of the final purges, as it also occurs applying to an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and just separating from trine to retrograde Neptune, implying a systematic letting go of outdated aggressions and their concurrent logics, now seen for the illusory and paranoid agendas they really are, so fresh battle plans may emerge to replace failed strategies, the chessboard can then be viewed thusly: from bleeding-edge perspectives. The Knight that advances with the Lance Of Destiny as weaponry is a formidable opponent. This Holy Lance cannot be found and wielded without first releasing the grip on the old, dull and bent one that has become tired by war. Take your brain tonics in tandem with flushing fluids and whatever level of detox your acclimated to. Do some brain teasers and memorization. Clean your kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, both physically and proverbially. Concentrate on circulating your prana; if you don’t already have a practice around this action investigate one. Don’t go crazy, or push too hard; this doesn’t have to be spastic, emetic purgation, it can be a gentle, flushing release, but it should be a full one. Let it out. Leave it clean. Have it heal.

It’s worth noting that this all being a turbulent game of water-polo for keeps, remind yourself throughout the week that what is getting cut, tossed, cleansed, washed out, rinsed or boiled sterile is the emotional faculties. There are “strategies of war” connotations, but if you’ve ever seen Deerhunter or read Quiet Flows The Dawn, you know war holds the heaviest of emotional content.

All that gets scalpeled and secreted and spit up goes into the biohazard bin on the 2nd (the Doctor passing forth first to fling instruments into the furnace on the 29th) as Mars passes Pluto partile opposition where he is simultaneously revitalized and ready for rest. For some the 2nd will entail much needed sleep and for others it will be keg stands, as Mars in Cancer still manifests for many as “aggressively chilling”, i.e. “Yo, are we fuckin’ goin’ up to the fuckin’ lake house this weekend or what!?!?!”. How you want to play your warrior is your call, but I think deep down we all know what battle-ready should really look like. There’s a bit of ‘do what I say not what I did’ in that, but, it all depends on which Dionysus you’re devoted to at the time. The Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries just before 10am on Sunday morning so the scales can certainly be easily upset, and it being July 4th weekend, many might be more than going for it on the Christian Sabbath. This, though tempting, and maybe seemingly obligational, is the perfect influx of pollution after the purge, so keep a sagacious head on your soldier’s shoulders if you want to avoid getting caught in an eddy of Asclepius’ revolving doors.

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