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Some Lick It Hot (Arcanum XVIII)

In just over a week’s time we are headed for a major shift in space-weather, knots unraveling, paths opening and new strides preparing to be hit waxing in culmination towards June 9th’s full Moon. A first taste of this process, and a foreshadowing of much more occurs in the morning of Wednesday March 31st, when the Moon conjuncts the North Node, entering aspect and activating the Grand Trine that has been hanging in the ambient ether betwixt the Dragon’s Head, Saturn and Uranus with Venus drawing conjunct. Venus doesn’t end up in full embrace with the Promethean powersource until Saturday June 3rd, but by the 31st configuration she will certainly have stepped within the the field of electricity and will be receiving jolts of energy, some of which will be volatile voltage. Mars will still be in Gemini at this point, so the oxygen needed to stoke and kindle the fire will be readily available. An over active Venus is usually not a horrible thing for most, but some might be suddenly overwhelmed by preoccupations of lust, and have a strong urge towards wine and music, or more simply but by no means less significant, the overwhelming beauty of our surroundings might astound us.

The Grand Fire trine has been slowly separating, the toll of the bell but a memory, nevertheless, it was a thunder strike (literally, rainless lightening flashed all evening, in Maine at least), and the presence of resonance is as heavy as cathedral pipe organ, although, it rings at such long signature that many might have tuned it out, assuming it for the common background. The Moon stepping into this configuration right in time for her hour will bring the drone back into attention, where we will feel its vibrations with our bodies, and appreciate the beauty of its chordal shape. We will consider how it, maybe a bit melancholically, slowly decays and is destined to, some day fade away. A gorgeous kernel of plasmatic desire opens like a stained glass lotus from recesses of the vaulting chapel shadow-pools undulating in the ceiling; a jewel sparkling from the future reflects glint glimpses out of reflective swathes of the recent past. What epiphanies this past month beheld nuzzle in their decadence and decay a distant beacon light that grows brighter amongst the fog horn bellow. This may be the bray of hounds over the moors and blasted heaths, to some a soothing promise, to others a chilling omen, depending upon how much of this Universe you are or are not afraid of (why do you do or not do all the things you do or do not do?), consult your shadow for more information.

Being a Lunar hit upon a heavily aspected North Node, this is another junction point in the continuum of steps leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse in August, and is related in general to the ebbs and flows of the eclipse cycles, like greater Lunations, themes that drag through with Ouroboros’ perpetual passage (in one eye and out the other), revelations of what is flowing into and out of our lives, human culture and the World in general.

This occurring on Mercury’s day, it’s worth noting what will be occurring with Mercury. We find our Messenger a little more than half way across the freshly plowed fields and bowers of Taurus, smelling of damp, overturned soil and the ozone of unfurling greenery, fragrance fantasy imbuing his step with pastoral romance and impressionistic nostalgia baths, his steps stipulate the map and render it Seurat or Pissarro. The 31st of May runs him into confrontation with Pluto. Mid-field young Jung’s pursuing Friar chases him down a chance staircase into a great vault beneath; Mercury will suddenly be able to glimpse beyond the void of the 9th sphere, above the firmament, out of existence, through nothing. This could be a key meditation at a conjunction that throws our minds and needs upon the pivot of past, present and future. For those interested in communication and exchange with distant demiurgic contact beyond the heliopause of our Solar System, this might be a good opportunity to receive otherwise inane messages from distant stars in a more regular rhythm. It might come in as morse code still, but at least the cipher of communication exists on Earth. A shudder of this rhythm could peel down your spine just after sunrise (East Coast) as the Moon touches a Grand Trine with Mercury and Pluto, opposite Neptune. Try to remember your dreams, some arcane and profound detail may slip over from the shadow realm into the early light of your streaming consciousness. Pay special attention to hypnopompic flash, which is often not unlike tattoo flash, and maybe could be the best of that genre if apprehended in detail. For more tattoo ideas, look to the sky (or ideas in general) as this was a period in multiple ancient Occidental cultures marking omen observations as well as ritual purgation and cleansing. The trines are up there, even if they’re not visible. Note and attempt augury of bird and bat activity.

Saturday, June 3rd Venus accomplishes a perfect sextile with Mars while he is poised at the exit threshold of Gemini’s final degree; what’s left of the mental irritations and divergences of actions Mars in Gemini had incepted will start to be brought into balance, in fact a great balancing, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Libra at the same time trining the Sun. Feelings of universal equalization bubbling up from the luminescence bathing the archetypal Hermaphrodite. The Sun also square Neptune implies that this emotional glowing connecting Yin and Yang positively, where mental energy and artistic inclinations are ready to cooperate under the Solar spotlights banish the illusory aspects of mundane reality, our female and male qualities given equal freedom to express themselves without conflict. This precedes Mars’ ingress into Cancer on the 4th, finding the Moon in Libra sextile Saturn and trine Mars, separating from their opposition, supporting the needs that emerged from last week’s trials at the grindstone, we begin to put energy into restorative pursuits. You may begin the gradual initiation of a detox, where you are taking in cleansing fluids and flushing under medicinal springs. We step into the steams of the bath house intent on dissolving the clutter we’ve built up from all our intellectual action the past few months, marked by double dramatic retrograde landings. As is the nature of many bathhouses throughout human history, there can be a sexual element, or at least a carnal section of the many pools and chambers. As the sextile between a watery Mars and a very Fiery and overactive Venus tightens, the Moon enters Scorpio in Trine with our Yang planet. Saying that lust hungers might be awoken in the spectrum of Moon-day into Venus night (June 5th) is probably an understatement. There’ll probably be a bit more going on beyond lip biting and fidgeting. Obviously hot sex is on the menu here (for those not practicing chastity for whatever purpose, angelic and/or diabolic), but of course if anyone wanted to channel that creative energy elsewhere they’re more than welcome. Happy harvesting.

By the following Morning Venus will have triumphantly returned to Taurus, which she rules, sharing a sign with Mercury for seven hours until he ingresses into Gemini, which he rules. This finds the Moon still in transformative Scorpio trine Neptune and sextile Pluto, to highlight the major shift with streams of dark and sensual fantasy while the Moon rises bright in the sky. Venus and Mercury step forward over the next few days in lavish Royal procession, their coronation festivities lighting off myriad ideas that glint off the great blades of air like so many marching sword jugglers. Dogs rush out to lap the prisms showering down from the brightening wax that streams over the temple acres and rolls into lagoons below, pearls of many shades bobbing up to the surface amongst bubbles under swirls of fireflies. The light of the Hermit swings around and becomes dim in the lunation. Unnecessary, It’s casted aside like a feeble headlamp as he drops his robes, submerges into the water, steps through the pool, and grows into his new finery as the King of Wands on the opposite bank fragrant with flowers that mirror his gilt brocade.

The Moon goes full in the morning of Friday June 9th, so Thursday night might be the best opportune time to observe its fullness directly or magically, as it will still be swelling on Moon-night, in the context of the Jupiter-Day that precedes it, Jupiter then very powerful as he slows to a stop to stand direct on the 9th, highlighting the intense division between eras of this year culminating in the coming Full Moon, in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius. Her waters flow through us, and with a direct Jupiter we can finally experience new growth, limbs and foliage we may carry through the gates of solstice later in the month. Friday the 9th, though technically waning, the Moon will be big and bright above, the new astrological period will be more than ready to enjoy, especially, being Venus’ day and Mars’ night, their partile sextile takes on particular focus. Mars’ energy being put into receptive and emotional affairs that are friendly to Venus’ carnal and sensual pursuits seems quite pleasurable, so dive in the waters, roll in the mud, get as dirty as you want, it’ll be the King of Curiosity and the Queen of Sensuality’s coronation party. Celebrate.

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