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Pearl Into Pyramid

Last forecast I touched on this week’s Mars-Saturn opposition, which has been gathering, activates tomorrow and goes partile on Sunday. As this sets up, a New Moon occurs in Gemini on Thursday the 25th at 3:45 pm (EST). The Moon-Sun conjunction shares no aspect to the Saturn-Mars opposition, which is helpful for separating intellectual, subconscious and objectives that belong to lengthier or deeper cycles. Although, Mars and the Sun will be sharing the sign of Gemini, who’s ruler, Mercury is in Venus’ sign of Taurus, where he calibrates to earth speeds and stratifies our calendars and notebooks, offering us concise and authentic data reflective of the real world. With him there we are able to form concrete plans and schemes, and awarded the mental stability to follow them through. Mars in Gemini can become extremely distracted, leaping this way and that, both mentally and physically, but with Mercury in Taurus, he gains some ability to steady his gaze on a single object. The past partile but still persistent Grand Trine of Saturn, Uranus and the Dragon’s Head is like an upturned flaming sword that rises out of the ecliptical ocean and spikes the celestial crowns of clouds and firmament jewels, effecting us like a vibrating spirit grid hidden behind and undulating veil, tingling and surging with static-electric spirit (and not surprisingly, the new Twin Peaks series debuted as this configuration set up, the familiar red curtain and black and white zig zag floor exactly what this particular trine invokes, and it’s first episode is soaked in Saturn/Mars combined imagery, rather overtly with chthonic entities bursting from black cubes and devouring copulating couples and so on, all variety of metaphysical hierarchy, and passages beyond the mauvine…). This can certainly manifest in some as burgeoning sexual energy, stirring loins and localized swirlings of or swellings with blood that tend to draw the attention of idle hands et cetera. Mars’ time in mutual reception with Mercury who was previously in Aries might have made a mess of our rooted geographies, having pulled us down every possible path, dashing forward with bifurcated lances. Now that both the Moon and the Sun come together, in their perpetual 28th day stitch, this time in very mental and curious Gemini, we get multiple perspectives on the sign of multiple perspectives, and enough of a view to master the Master Scanner. Here is a recipe:

Make useful the arousal born of penetration, that specifically of the flaming sword, flicker licking blade, from chthonic sea (salty sirens scree screech Nereids rinceaux sing) up through air and into the opening orifice of cloud, oscillation of celestial dilation. Bring the blurred and obscured map back into focus; make daily offerings to the four cardinal directions, for you need stable pillars to build a bridge. Caress the stems and branches, take hold the thick trunks, carefully roll the pearls of dew and tender buds between your forefinger and thumb, brush yourself with leaves, inhale the open flowers, keeping an eye on your Other, a mirror back onto your earthly twin, and watch carefully what they do. They stand at a particular place, one marked by significant signature, and hold something sympathetic up to their eye, into whose depths they do inspect. Upon this single object they fix their focus, locked into materia, letting its essence step inside them, before they advance into the future.

Mars, busy on the ground populating and animating a homoerotic royal garden, or feudal demesne, like Fassbinder’s Querelle unfurling out of bower bounds. Watching over this is our Female Saturn, female in her polarization of the abundant yang she sees, and from above spies on the gardens, fields and forest’s edges, where the bears below wander and deed (despite ballet’s obvious Venusian and Lunar aesthetics, consider the incredible dedication to discipline, rigorous training regime, vast memorization of sequence, exactitude of timing, and measurement of movement which that form of dance requires). From blinking cloud orifice eye, that blinks in metered time, the Angel Of Temperance steadily pours from vessel to vessel, in this case liquid-fire, plasma rather than water. The sexual somnambulists below awaken, at the wafting down of this chronic perfume. Their beastly costumes are unzipped, shed and dropped, and beneath they wear the uniforms of craftsmen and artisans. The Sun and Moon cross in the sign of Twins, and blessed by the holy pair, ordained work instantly begins. Half built walls are cobble to their plates and are topped with roofs. Raw ovular ghouls of marble begin to molt and emerge beneath the shatter full formed statuary sculpture. Carvings etch and rote and turn themselves complete, spinning under careful conjuring hands. The sweat pounds off the brows and hits the soil like sudden rain, modulating the PH pitch, as if the Lady Of The Sea opened step up from the strands, and dripping sweet saline spray came walking crossed the hinterlands. From this industry Dittany of Crete, and other oracular herbs spring and cling to the seaside cliff stones, where they establish themselves to be of use on a tomorrow not so far away, be it June 9th’s Full Moon, or later in the year.

We may use the inertia of the waxing Moon like winds in sails to push our projects to fruition, and the energy of Mars like a Noble guided knight to inspire our activity, our action, our industry, and the measured movement, technical discipline and timing of Saturn to inform our projects, crafting with accuracy.

Uranus shakes and commands the crashing down of old walls. The Dragon’s head breaths the fiery spirit of new life possibilities, the flames illuminating our paths. Use this week either to finish or finalize projects that will end the previous era and put it behind you at last so that your heart may enter the sweet and somber autumn it needs to heal and then recede, readying for new receptions, the emergence of surprising potions and enchanting flavours. Or, if there is nothing left of those old walls, take the keystone from the rubble, that most resonating materia, the diamond in the ruff, and with that singular golden pearl, begin your next pyramid.

Leading up to the solstice, to the point of most light, halfway through the solar/calendar year, and approaching a quarter way through the astrological year, in a year of marked dynamis infernus, where all that can be touched and all that can be felt and all that can be thought and all that can be created stands within the universal crucible, there must be a time to complete and clean out and construct anew.

Friday the 26th Mercury sextiles Neptune (going partile on the 28th). This period may bring prophetic dreams that inspire our projects, fantasies that confuse our contexts, or illusions that intoxicate our focus. Be ready to use the illusory veils that will flutter as magical fabrics to drape over your work, or wear them knowingly as your own shroud. Late that night the Moon conjuncts Mars and opposes Saturn. You might be feeling the work moving in your body, and its many facets beginning to stream through your mind. Soon after, the Moon enters rulership in Cancer. Well timed rests will be absorbed, and the necessary healing can occur to continue on successfully. Take your naps and baths and drink your teas and tinctures. Friday is Venus’ day, and with a square to Pluto, conjunction to Uranus, trine to Saturn and opposition to Jupiter and sextile to Mars, she will be fired up and conflicted. Her powers and abilities to bond us with what is beautiful and meaningful will be heavily streaming into the work. You will have to take pauses to heal and rest yourself throughout your industriousness. This is a great time to push yourself to your limits, but do not dangerously over-extend.

Mercury having moved into the second decan of Taurus shifts the meaning away from careful planning and places it into the centering required to manifest desires encapsulated within extended projects. On Mercury night (Saturday night) divide time to breath this long game, inhale and exhale with it, sync up to its bio-availability. As the Moon is now waxing, it may be planted within your inner being to germinate after the current industrious schema subsides.

The Moon enters Leo on Monday, and as she approaches the North Node, many of the relevancies of this period of industriousness and finalizing old projects, beginning new pyramids should sight and extend into the territory of late August’s eclipse. She engages in a series of sextiles and trines by Wednesday the 31st, imbuing great meaning and understanding to our performative identities, which in the liminal balance between daylight and moonlight, in the bowl of the crescent, containing sunlit waters, intellect appears for a time like knowledge. Later in the summer, on August 21st, emotional thoughts will blot out the whole of this intellect completely, and we may never feel the same way again about what we know. For now, or at least the next week and a half, hold onto your hats and get’r’done.

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