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This week we’re going to get right into the New Moon on the 26th. A dark night of less than liminal light will be delivered that evening, but the conjunction of the Luminaries occurs at 8:15 am EST, 6° 27’ Taurus. On the east coast coffee miasmas might still be hung upon us like roasted wreaths, where most of our Pacific counterparts will be submerged in either REM rivers or on the banks of hypnopompic streams. Look at the Sun rising in the Bull’s sign, and imagine the spirit of the Moon there as well, backstage, and ready to slowly and seductively return, slipping back through the curtain. This Moon cycle will incept with bodily, sensory and even sensual themes. Even the word themes rings far too cerebral for the carnal curtains our Taurusine playhouse has hung, this is the starting line of a tactile, olfactory, and savorous sequence, a slow motion dance program that we are herded into, a procession down the old oxcart rutted road, where we plod through mire both delicious and acrid. Mars in Gemini articulates the pair of horns arching out from our cranium, dual thought patterns at which action tugs, receptive antennae that transceive on multiple channels, but double in bandwidth and increase in signal strength if tuned to the same frequency. Both the active Pages crop up on the parades focal floats; the VALET D’EPEE asks the crowd “What will you do?” while the VALET DEBATON inquires of the throngs, “What will you create?” Spring is rolling into full swing, generation is occurring: will you take part? For many this is a seed pattern playing out in their natal chart. The will of that year’s profected house manifesting as awkward adult features creep into the physiques of pubescent children. For some though, creative activation must be tapped, or the generative cycle leaves you a choked seedling beneath the competition of copious dog grass and well established weeds. Fortunately, for the gambling types, we are handed by this New Moon an opportunity to lace our game with some edge.

Affected by no major aspects except separating trines to Saturn in Sagittarius, Hecate’s Mithraic council reminds us that we will be ultimately facing the bull alone, and when it comes time it is ourselves that are responsible for slaying the beast bearing down on us (which will be all too obvious in the firmament if it is a cloudless night), similar to Theseus’ ordeal with the Minotaur deep in the Labyrinth. Clever was his use of klew, or ball of twine, which etymologically gives us the modern word clue, and similarly, Saturn’s slowly decaying bell toll emanates a wonderful harmonic under which to bind. The Sun and Moon come conjunct on Mercury’s Day during Saturn’s hour, so it would be a great opportunity to lay your fetishes, threads, and knotting rope out upon your altar or workspace, readying them for immediate, or later use, as the Moon picks up some wax. Excuse the surfing analogy, but the time between the tide rolling out and the next wave is the golden opportunity to survey the seas and position ourselves on our boards. Saturn has been present in a great deal of activity throughout the past major few configurations, and even when his xylophonic bones are set to ring out longform, like a fixed yet fading apparition at the foot of the bed, his present influence cannot be denied. Much softened by Venus’ Exalted square, he took on a very romantic character last week, his cold dryness more like the soft curve of a marble cherub cheek above a lavish tomb than crushed coal in the boot crevices of toiling miners. Sagittarius, symbolized by the Centaur archer, works with a bow, strung with what in its day might have been woven celestial tendon strands, is active with a bound object. The very physique of the Centaur is two creatures synthesized, that which is foreign melding with that which is familiar. The resonating spherical toll of a Saturnian-Sagittarian sphere that permeates the cavity where a Moon should be, a generative blankness, might serve very well to bind some entity into a fetish, adding the extra kick we require when the vegetal relay race is cued, the starting pistol fired, and contestants, your competition, sprinting to action.

Now, what entity? you might ask, and don’t worry, sudden clues are likely to spring to mind, as retrograde Mercury will be tightly applying conjunct to Uranus in Aries. For some these hints will lack subtlety and threaten to frenzy the mind with frantic thoughts, many of which might not seem our own, or even be non-vocalic. Indeed, they might be ululations emanating from aerial daemons of the West. New Moons are when Hecate holds her council, this one falling on a Wednesday, is Astaroth’s day, who is a parallel incarnation of Hecate herself, and in some traditions rules over the Western Winds, and the ariel spirits that emerge from that direction. The New Moon occurs in the ecliptical Eastern Hemisphere, along with the Mercury-Uranus conjunction, although Pluto, in Saturn’s sign Capricorn, applies to a square with backward moving Mercury who steps into Uranus’ electric field, which Pluto is still in the process of separating square from. Though separate, Saturn sinews string through the entire chart, as earthy Capricorn, offering restless turbulence, adds more carnal tension as the bodice laces tighten. The restless dead are preparing to rise from the ground, driven out by Underworld conflict, and take to the sky’s lows for Walpurgisnacht, like hare-smoke, and the ghouls and ghosts of the Western Lands are heading to the soirée whether invited or not. The question now being, how is this to our advantage?

Luckily, much of 2016 and 2017 have been spent with Jupiter opposite Uranus, experiencing ample time to observe its hot fluctuations of current. I may be alone in considering this as lucky, but, the notes jupiter might have been taking head us into this situation with a thorough coherence of the present space weather’s volatility, and we can hope that this operation can be approached like a careful explosives manufacture or as technicians in a chemical laboratory. When the Goblins arrive, they are going to want something to do, and would prefer somewhere to stay opposed to being reduced technical annoyances and ghost in the machine cameos. Have a tattered, antique umbrella hanging from your ceiling? A taxidermy beaver in your mud room? A filthy, crumpled cowboy hat collecting cobwebs? Perfect. Grab a switch and work on stirring goblins into these neglected items. They’ll be grateful for the hospitality and willing to return the favor, plus you’ll suddenly have a wonderful spot to dispose of your refuse blood and animal fats.

Speaking of animal fats, this is an ideal time to make or take drugs, with the aforesaid considered and Pluto applying to sextile with cinematic, illusory, and Dionysian Neptune. If you’re planning on indulging in some Walpurgis festivities, the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th are a great window (thrown wide open to let the Western Winds stream in) to prepare your potions, and employ itinerant goblins in their ultimate effects. Even if you just have some Flying Ointment lying around (topical poison being preferred in physical Taurus) you can put it out on your altar between Wednesday and Sunday to add a little infernal zing to the concoction. (As stated, this is volatile energy and should be approached with caution. If you are unexperienced in these things you might want to involve someone who is.)

By Walpurgis, falling on Sunday the 30th, the Moon positions for a square to Mercury-Uranus conjunct and opposite Pluto. The mischievous ghouls we spoke of will be on the move, able to be both felt and seen. Luna will be in rulership, transiting dead center Cancer at 10pm. If you took good care of your goblin it will be looking at you like your loyal pup at this point, with the double fires of both oncoming May and a Gemini Mars aglint in its eye. A very Lunar mood of mind and body should overcome any possible mania. Whip out the botanical fragrances, flower essences and fluid condensers and spray them around, saunter or dance in their mists. Make like LA FORCE and trust your body, follow its intuition, descend into your animal instincts so the Martial fire doesn’t conflagrate from all the ozone. It should be a dark and lovely time in the liminal light. Think candles, damiana, yarrow, ambient music, white wine, outdoors, bonfires, spring water, cold stones, the smell of mud, new grass and dew. Enough to calm the nerves of those who tend to be timid amongst demons and drugs.

I’ve said nothing of Venus in this post, and that is not to express that she has nothing to do with this week’s forecast; on the contrary; she has everything to do with this week’s forecast. The New Moon occurring in Taurus means she rules this time. The now forward moving Red Queen steps with her green flesh licked in smoldering red flame tongues. It is she that leads the entire procession. It is her staff we rally round, it is her that we chase in the hunt and also are pursued by. She is Hecate, she is Inanna, she is Ishtar, she is Astarte, she is Astaroth, and she walks with unwavering steps out of the shadows. In all this narcotic salve and goblin hijinks, don’t forget to leave something at her crossroads.

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