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Probably most of us could feel the New Moon in Aries, and the series of arguments that it inspired, whether they were internal or shared in collaboration with friends, coworkers, family and passerby accomplices/victims. You all probably all felt Luna in relative darkness take a quiet seat upon the cold bower ground and refuse to move once she began to swell slightly in Taurus, sharing the sign with Mars who’s normal athletic and aggressive qualities are reduced to the prowess of a pouty brat. As she does, The Moon swiftly moved on, as if her pose were no more than a visage in jest that you accidentally took seriously. Her momentary powernap was an accurate mime of Mars’ current condition, not good for any real physical work and about as good for relaxation as sharing lodging with a child taking a temper tantrum. (Our Warrior won’t be good for Much until the explosively volatile Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, when he enters a favorable Decan of Leo and lights some flags on fire. Until then the best thing to do with all the disruptive and argumentative and perverted needs he’ll require outlet for is start that Dystopia/Eyehategod cover band you’ve always wanted to) Sleepy, overtired, over worked mind, swallowed dreams, scattered projections. Mercury is feeling the end of the Aries process, and the massive resonation emitting from Shiva/Shakti’s cosmic embrace is beginning to cling as condensation to the granite and concrete (depending on your locale), and like a rosary you circumambulate the temple and pick them up. This reaching for the ground culminates in association with the Earth. The Moon’s time in Taurus previewed where our thoughts would turn and fix now that Mercury has entered the Bull’s sign, Luna herself in Gemini aids the attention toward the messenger, shining a yellow pen laser between his brows. But what’s in the mailbox?

Most astrologers say bills and grocery circulars and construction blueprints, but before you head out to the shopping-mart consider: f you normally keep Mercury busy on spectral planes then now would be an ideal moment to schedule out the practicalities and machinations of the next month-and-a-half’s ceremonial schedule. What ritual tools will you need, what dates seem fortuitous for workings, what form will your worship take, who did you want to contact, what goal had you desired to enchant for?

Mercury goes retrograde April 9th, so it might be a good idea to have a ritual program to reference when the ball starts rolling uphill and people’s film rolls start coming back mottled with apparitions. For the Necromancer and general Left Hand Path person these Venus and Mercury retrogrades are quite useful, having the Planetary spirits literally act like psychopomps provides divinatory and contact opportunities galore, as long as your ritual technologies don’t collapse under the contortions of shapes. Planning ahead might save you from a disappointed Daemon. Mercury’s retrograde takes the androgyne back into Aries on April 20th where he ingresses Infernus Sub-Terraeneus; I’d suggest circles drawn with bloodstone, drawing the powers of the waking/spawning frogs into step with the very felines that circle the ponds to hunt them. Maybe drop some in a glass of water and conduct your own Goethe-ic revelry, putting the premodern Melancholic to laboratory use. A proper season for traditional confections and preparations of ointments and brews you might like to have fireside by Walpurgisnacht when dual bonfires blaze.

Hermes will be below until May 16th, before-which he stands resting at the tomb-door taking his first breaths of terrestrial air when the horn of Judgement blows on high May 14th, Mercury and Uranus conjunct form a Grand Trine with Saturn and Caput Draconis. If the boundaries between you and your life path don’t momentarily drop, it might be a good day to inspect the fortress walls for at least a crack you can start picking at. Venus will have been long out of retrograde, turning toward forward motion on April 15th, yet, the shadow of her tryst isn’t conquered until May 20th, at which point new love and new art can begin to be seen born from nowhere, as if they had been pulled out of leaves of shadow. If you’ve been taking notes since February 26th’s eclipse, or even better, February 10th’s, these babies won’t seem so alien, but a wave of alien babies might be just what the art world needs.

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