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Perrenial Lunacy

Jan 27 2017

Tonight at 7:06 (EST) the Moon will conjunct the Sun, heralding the much awaited for some New Moon. While the oscillating square energy that has been flipping from planet channel to planet channel since the grand cross that ushered in the Full Moon still persists, throwing pitfalls and booby traps in the way of many elections, both magickal and practical over the past couple weeks, tonights New Moon occurs without major aspect to anything else happening in the sky, other than some semisquare harmonic washing past from the separating Saturn/Venus square happening elsewhere. The conjunction of Sun and Moon does happen in Aquarius, which is Saturn’s sign, so this is like an argument that is occurring in another part of the house that doesn’t concern you; you can’t make out the words but can detect the raised voices and the hot cadences though muffled by layers of lath and plaster. This is fine because it is time for Sun and Moon to meet and commune. Although, since they meet in a room that Saturn owns he will burst in now and again (most likely between 11-12pm) to check on the Gold and Silver entwining, even though the room is pitch black. Being Friday, it’s like the argument between Saturn and Venus occurs amidst her party, which thickens the vibe in the house. Clearly, it would behoove to be in the darkened room of swirling Gold and Silver, where all you can do is sense their dance, rather than be in the rest of the house where Love and Beauty argues Rational and Routine, but that is clearly your call. Such an argument might be unavoidable to some, based on their current circumstances, or those caught in larger trawling nets of profection or transit. Enjoy the quiet solitude and freedom of abstract darkness where the New Moon can be meditated on, considering how fractal aspects of life and self web together and synapse between who we are, what we do, the tones we resonate and what our spirits soak in. It’s much like lying in a dark room trying to rest after a long acid trip, in hypnogogic half-sleep, with crystalline mathematical superstructures still faintly painted beneath our eyelids. It is under this particular decor of anti-light that some of our more profound realizations strike a chord, even if that chord is silent in the vacuum, you may hear it clearly later on after the moon makes its round and blossoms into a bulb bright and full.

Take this opportunity while you can because by tomorrow the Moon plugs back into the Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn complex, becoming sextile Saturn and trine Jupiter, arranging itself in a particular cross circuit symmetrical relay where the affairs of the mundane world become unavoidably interlaced and much applied. This finds the Lunar New Year with Jupiter and Mercury in cardinal modality while the Moon and Sun are fixed and Saturn mutable and ready to mutate: Throw your coin into the fountain lit by its dazzling array of electric light, and see if the synodic cycle of the Moon this year pulls it through prominent position throughout her Mansions.

This also marks Chinese New Year, where the Fire Rooster first releases its plasmic cry of transmutational energy, melting metals and nourishing the Earth through ore vessels and veinways back to the source. This is the first major Fire element event of 2017, an elemental theme that will dominate this HIGHLY dynamic year, which was already foreshadowed in the Fire Grand Trine we experienced two days after the last Full Moon. Keep some water handy.

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