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The Astrology of March 2021: The Plot Thickens

Otto Greiner

When we look at the upcoming astrology we can find information about what events and situations might be playing out and effecting us in both the wider world as well as our personal lives, falling into the various life layers of our nativities. These factors can be like cues and elements in stories we are set in and that change around us as circumstances shift. In March 2021 this is especially the case. When we watch a movie we observe from the outside that which motivates the actions of the characters, and we can often see, even better than they can what is afoot in the plot, and what twists are coming for them down the line. This Month we get closer to the mechanics of Fate, maybe enough to pluck the strings of the weave works, as well as ending up diving (or falling hopelessly) into our own hearts, and learning about what thorns and slivers might need to be removed. With both Lunations ruled by benefics, and in a year that is characterized by the destabilization, innovation and change ushered in by the New, we might have our minds, or at least our emotions, set on searching for ways to return the ‘good’ to our lives.

Venus combust

Air trine

Venus sextile Uranus

Mars ingress Gemini

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Sun on Bends

Venus on Bends

Sun conjunct Neptune

New Moon Pisces

Venus conjunct Neptune

Mercury ingress Pisces

Saturn and Jupiter change decan

Sun sextile Pluto

Venus sextile Pluto

Aries Ingress- Spring Equinox

Venus ingress Aries

Mars trine Saturn

Mercury square Mars

Mercury on bends

Venus Cazimi

Mars conjunct NN

Venus conjunct Chiron

Full Moon in Libra

Sun conjunct Chiron

Mercury conjunct Neptune

Venus sextile Saturn

Edoardo Dalbono

Indulgence, Escapism, Action and Wounds Of Desire

March opens with Venus in exaltation in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, where she is free to pursue pleasure in a loose and undefined way, welling us up with emotions and finding ourselves surrounded by high saturation desires and copiously lubricated aesthetics— these might be sentimental impressionism of watercolors, the sexual fluids of sensualism, the tears of romanticism or the psychedelic seepage of tie dye. Whether your art swells and falls with the high tides of drama, your appetites salivate for escapism, your heart sets on loving whatever it sees, or you bring the aesthetic settings into kaleidoscopic polychroma, Venus is planning to go deep into an experience and realize exactly what values, desires, connections and bonds are becoming outdated and by the end of the month sheds them. She steps into March already in combustion as she nears the Sun, and draws herself into the plasmic furnace nearer each day, finally accomplishing the walk through fire in direct and abrupt Aries by the end of the month. She is an honored guest in Pisces, where she does what she pleases, so you might find yourself messing around with new creative mediums, partners, or libations that whet the whistle in a lubricating way.

Chaim Soutine

Uranus, having been busy recently inciting panic buyings, uprisings, capital storms stock market hoaxes, and massive power outages in Venus’ home sign of Taurus get’s a collaborative touch upon the shoulder from sympathetic Pisces and is asked by the ruler of the house, what we might love about all this turbulence and irregularity? How does it facilitate us to do whatever the fuck we want to do and enjoy ourselves without any restriction. We might be reminded of other historical periods where free love, license to party and radical expressions in the grooves and rhythms of our lives rode comfortably side by side. Experimental methodologies can free up creative space, dissolve routine parameters, shake things up, get the juices flowing and make for revolutionary aesthetics. Indeed, Venus conjoins Neptune ten days later, another outer planet joining the fun, but this one more hallucinatory and illusory than jarring, high voltage Uranus. Think the Mists of Avalon more than the Tower Card, and imagine that the cloak of dream enchants with a beckoning fog. We might be trippin’ telling ourselves we love something more than anything else in the world mid month, but there will be truth in there somewhere, at least some sort of delusional wisdom, like pulling meaning from dreams once the day dawns. Interpret your heroic dose after with dance and see what I mean— just be warned, don’t mistake fantasy for reality when Morpheus comes around— still enjoy the experience.

Simon Michael

By the 18th we find Venus reaching her highest degree of exaltation, very combust, desires maybe increasingly internalized here as she is peaking in pleasure realization feeling fine with a collaboration with darkness, mystery, the unknown, the dead, the brooding shadows, the ominousness and uncertainty. What might in other times crush us under its weight here could more add to a particularly delicious mood. A beautiful, romantic, psychedelic dark and gritty noir with heavy themes and abysmal plot mechanics. Mercury coincidentally finds himself thinking and speaking under the influence of the mystically poetic star Fomalhaut while the Moon is filling her cup from Algol, the Gorgon’s head and raw intensity of nature itself. Mystical, dark, ferocious, deep and delicious combo— if it be a movie, which it might be for a few, but for most of us it’s our life, so could be somewhat over whelming, but memory making and worth carrying your camera, as it sounds cinematic to say the least.

Alyssa Brown

She leaps from the waters into the fire just after the Sun as themes are quickly changing and ramping up in excitement and intensity. Boldness and action is what grabs her attention now after weeks luxuriating its time to do things, and enjoy activity. The art of war seems sexier than ever and even wounds have their own appeal as Venus enters the heart of the Sun closely conjunct Chiron on the 26th just before a Venus ruled Lunation in Libra on the 28th. If this is really what you want to do you might seal the deal with a bloodpact and cauterize the occasion with a brand. At the sight of blood and smell of singed flesh, Mars and Saturn harmonize in trine on the 21st, sanguine currents aerating the environs with urgent conversations detailing ideas about tactics and strategies, problems and boundaries, what we want to build and how, while our attractions draw us into painful territory to get close enough and grab what we actually want with intense focus. The issue is with Mars in Gemini at the time, even in this critical maneuver we may still be seeing double. I suppose focus can be both intense and dual, with multiple balls in the air we have to acclimate ourselves to the game athletically and learn to love the challenge. Healthy competition can be healing. Many warriors might be more than just a little masochistic. But we learn about wounds also by inflicting them. Here things might hurt so good, but its all a part of catching up with what you are more attracted to tomorrow than you were yesterday, and becoming able to satisfy yourself in the heat of the moment.


Kazuya Akimoto

Good Moons?

Many astrologers are already saying “Well, March looks pretty good”— and I’d agree for the most part, although there are some complicated factors at play which stain the simplicity in certain ways. First we look at the New Moon in Pisces on the 13th, ruled by a Jupiter now in mental and innovative Aquarius, who’s influence we might all like a little break from at this point, but we’re not really going to get it for a few years, even though, like in mid march, we might be able to squeeze in a little escape from.

Jean Honore Fragonard

Just before this lunation we find the Sun and his copilot coming from a square with the Nodal Axis, keying in what we see and what we want in this sequence into a longer story dictated by the openings and closings of the gates of fate overarching 2020 through 2021. Then shortly after the Sun conjoins Neptune, giving us the ability to both lace our visions with fantasy, move about our objectives in a deceptive in cognito, as the Moon swoops in, we sow the seeds of the next cycle of manifestation while in a halucinatory state, or even in dream, or lost in absolute revery, having a contemplative experience of the all permeable and universal dissolve upon a dark and possibly star infested night. Venus follows the Sun into Neptunes vicinity, as objectives and desires near one another over the course of the month— we learn to do what we want and meditate on this concept, as a subjective state, a kind of feeling, a psychic intuition, an imaginative notion set forth into space, a realization from the cartoon that is reality— life and death hang us in the balance while seas swell and oceans swirl and rush, teaming with leviathans and sirens and cascades rinceaux. As, pouring forth from Parthenope Neapolis is established nearby the Sybil’s cave and watery gateways to the Underworld, soft lava stone is carved and Greccan slabs paving streets for Pulcinella to lose his way under a Red Moon to the taste of crushed Campagna and American jazz fizzing with Whiskey Soda, liquid rock gently flowing in the distance. As in the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, worlds are often build from fantasy.

Leonora Carrington

The Full Moon in Libra is a whole other story entirely. As mentioned, in March we might notice the stage crew at work a bit, or at least see the evidence of their presence, see how what appears to be a city street in a commercial district or an open market full of produce and livestock is actually all a studio set. We might even meet a producer or a camera man. We get a script edit mid month after the New Moon when Saturn Moves into the 2nd decan of Aquarius and Jupiter into the 3rd. New but related themes arise. Later, after the Sun’s and then Venus ingress into Aries the action goes up more than a notch, and maybe a whole new plot sparks off and explodes suddenly out of no where. The dreamy dissolution of yesterday becomes the propulsion into activity which is tomorrow. Two days after Venus’ painful purification by fire a Full Moon Blossom’s across the Cazimi Chiron conjunction in Libra’s first decan, bringing in awareness of the Other, relationality, a metric for fairness, and a sharp sword for defining justice. We know it when we see it, we are intuitively aware of what those in relationships and partnerships feel, and as Venus is both burning with desire and torturing herself to find some sexual healing, we need to both respect and nurture dialogues amongst each other which allow for harmony to occur while both parties impulses are being fulfilled, even in painful and challenging ways. Arrows of love skewer the heart, and some are dipped in Eros’ poison, but perhaps augmented from Asclepius’ apothecary. Bleeding occurs when the blade is removed but you cannot live impaled upon a spike so out the foreign object comes. From affair to infirmary, but that’s how it goes. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. You can’t win the contest of pleasure and desire without breaking hearts, one of which is your own. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye, and once someone does is real fucking life, with scars to show for it and stories to tell of loves won and loves lost. All’s fair in love and war? I think this lunation directly asks, well is it? Let’s whip out the scales motherfucker and see about that. But do we learn our lesson? Maybe anecdotally, or maybe in our body somewhere, learning to condition our reflexes like a lover and a fighter, but mentally, not likely. This is not going to sell as logic. Too much emotion, too many tears streak across the eyes to make sense of the newsreel, as Mercury at the time finds himself crossing Neptune in fall and detriment. Kiss your cool head and objective perspective goodbye, you’ll have to navigate by call and response, act out and set the balance as you go. Equalize post disturbance.


Jonathan Wateridge

Don't Lose The Plot

As noted, the nodes are involved in much of March’s mechanics, as multiple configurations aspect them as the planetary players make their way around the zodiacal promenade. Some of these ring out in harmony with the direction the story and circumstances of your life are headed since last May and will continue to go and flow through the fall— other aspects clash and clang against the plot creating narrative tension.

Eric Fischl

You can feel the dynamic in play on the first of the month as the Moon will be trine to Mercury and Jupiter in close proximity to one another consolidating scopes on new concepts while feelings are in relating with one another and keeping the peace while we are all pulled into various investigations of optionalities and multitaskings. Check in with your intuitions and subjective experience to get a read on the body feel of moving with what the director and producer’s vision for 2021. Both Mercury and Jupiter hook into particular dignity here and Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius presides, so there are likely solid, interesting, opportune and profound ideas to think over from the start of the month. Get in character and engage.

Félix Vallotton

By just the 3rd day of March Mars ingresses Gemini and becomes copresent with the North Node, adding a trigger to the insatiable head who can’t get enough bifurcating curiosity and media blitz. This can initiate and mobilize multiple headlines that you might need to chase down with shears across the editing floor before they go to copy. I’d maybe suggest a directors cut at some point. You might not be able to beat Death at Chess or bluff the Devil at the poker table, but you may take at least a part time role as director in your own story, like a film maker that also plays the lead rather than just a bit part.

Just before the New Moon in Pisces both the Sun and Venus step across the bends of the nodes, suggesting that March might subtly award itself most important scene in the whole movie, a sequence in which plot points emerge which hold the whole story together. It’s a romantic swirl of hypnotic and emotionally charged synesthesia that will be easy to get lost in, so try to keep your bearings even as the tide rolls in and we’re all swimming; protip: this is a key scene, you’ll be asked to write an essay on this later and make sense of your recollections so don’t sleep it.

Right before Mercury’s time on the bends he square’s Mars who is sidling up to the node, trigger happy to reverse the plot or split the tape. Amidst romantic and emotional confusion and intuitive, poetical logic, like free associations, we find our time juggling two plots at once triggers some drastic actions, and we dash down multiple pathways simultaneously, opening various doors and introducing new characters and devices. Some of these new elements will get killed off later, although some are going to be critical to the action that takes place in late May and early June, so maybe keep a daily diary and log it all in.

David Lynch

Finally Venus’ sextile to Saturn in the final days of March is configured to the North Node and South Node by trine and sextile in either direction. We might find we enjoy asserting our desires and pursuits for pleasure while we are out on a limb testing out new concepts, constructs, disciplines and boundaries from left field. It’s fun to be bold and pioneer, and indeed, this speaks with emphasis to out with the old and in with the new, even when we are forced to trash what we always were motivated to chase historically and are checking out whatever catches our interest in the contemporary situation.


Cesare Baglione

Spring Fling

And of course it’s not March without the big Spring Equinox extravaganza three quarters of the way through. This time the old Aries ingress follows the Sun and Venus’ ominous, mysterious and initiatory collaboration with Pluto in Capricorn, so we sow the seeds of a new natural cycle under a heavy vibe and thick mood of regeneration amidst plutocratic mismanagement, societal collapse and ecological reckoning— some of which may be worthy of our attention and others psy-op tactics that have become so ubiquitous.

As the Sun enters his “let me show you how it’s done” exaltation, radiating vitality and preparedness into the world we find the Moon separating from the North Node, lacing our sensitivities with an insatiability to be curious of many different options simultaneously and need to be in multiple conversations at once. Mars is applying to trine Saturn, so weaponizing polarized opinions will likely be par for the course with the new plan and the emerging control mechanism in this shift into Air triplicity. Of course Saturn in his diurnal rulership is still separating from his recent square with Uranus in Taurus before he prepares for his next one in June, so Science vs. Nature and Thought Control vs. Radical Ecology, Smart Walls vs. Laborer Uprisings, Technocracy vs. Re-wilding and so on and so forth is the 2021 story in so many Gemini Eclipse nutshells. Venus in exaltation separating from her sextile with Pluto is a moody, broody heavy flow of free desire and pleasure expression which lubricates creativity, hedonism and the mystical in art, all in the shadow cast by the vastness of Hades. This might be the voltage control for Uranus in Taurus, and there is many reasons to suggests significant revolutions in art and music are readying to erupt. Indeed, Mercury himself, is sextile to Uranus, typically the planet most able to take the manic electricity this outer planet discharges. This is Mercury in his fall and detriment, so misinformation and confusion is sure to abound, although, this is also Mercury copresent Venus in her exaltation, so not only will we be desiring the space to create and immersion in our romantic worlds, enveloped by poetical language and a melting and blending of information, but we will also be thinking of expressing and communicating creatively and talking primarily of our dreams, with holistic logic running our analysis.

Grant Wood

2021 continues to look dynamic. With biological warfare full tilt whether you like it or not, unquantifiably massive power grabs going down in our midst and robots already on patrol in the streets its time to jam the signal in a major way and lean in to both the mutable melting agent as well as the fire power of individual action. Prepare to be unpredictable and expect the unexpected.


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