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The Astrology Of June 2021: Insatiable

Lawn Walker

Twin Infinitives: Gemini Juggling

Continuing from May and heavily referencing last year around this time, there is a procession of tomfoolery bouncing around rather turbulently in the sign of Gemini throughout the month exponentially increasing optionality, diversifying alternatives, multitracting factors, investigating polarities, paradoxes, parallels, and rendering opposites the opposite of their opposite, which can get more than a little confusing. The North Node first entered the Twin’s sign on May 5th of 2020, and since we have seen liberals calling for restrictions and conservatives calling for freedom, and every other political parameter branching across halls of shattering mirrors while cascades of micro hot takes on statistics and acute behavioral gestures within nuances of text blurbs, each under 280 characters, are scanned and processed under scrutiny and quickly reorganized to suit the buzzing vogue. Our telephone’s are now as much media split screen binge streams for money shots, jump scares, and sizzle reels massaging the consciousness as much as TV was and is still for the previous generations. 30 year olds tsk their unwoke parents who sit in front of Fox News while ingesting massive amounts of heavily diced liberal opinion via Twitter. Nothing new, but in two faced and shapeshifting Gemini forked tongues abound and almost all content is laced with some curious additive even if there is no reason whatsoever to include it. Like a tiny computer chip containing massive amounts of data in its microscopic components or a newspaper, light, foldable, portable and filled with many short articles touching on a wide variety of subjects, Gemini pollinates from an extensive pool of data, but doesn’t investigate anything to any depth. This is great for an easy breezy and even fascinating cocktail party of stimulating chatter, but after it has ended you are left with scrawled scraps to go look up elsewhere rather than any acquired knowledge. The North Node has pushed the insatiable button on hearsay and factoids. Sadly, this dynamic vacuums up into its information aggregation storm very serious world events and spits them out a consumerist spout. It’s a full on Air Triplicity Period now, we consume media more than anything; texts and digital facsimiles.

Judit Reigl

Obviously, altogether neutral Mercury doesn’t bring all bad. In a time of totalitarian progressive redesign of societal systems and authority constructs the mental exercise of exponentially increasing optionality and exploring alternatives to absolutely everything is incredibly crucial. Think of it as diversification, in the ideaospheric sense, as we adorn the whole health of what tends to be called environment or nature with the prefix eco- i.e. ecosystem, we also lend the same three initial letters to our system of value exchanges, economy. Money may have been handed the scapegoat as the root of all evil, as nothing is more Mercurial than money and Mercury is neutral by nature. It’s not the information or the money that’s at fault, it’s our relationship to it, and the world in general. The North Node is by nature excessive, but inviting an endless stream of alternatives and options for the sake of flooding the arena of ideas, and especially data processing, with the function of increasing biodiversity in a profound way is a good thing. Think of this like the repeated probiotic dose into the digestive track of what we are currently mentally distributing. Hopefully, from here on out Jupiter in Pisces can assist in keeping us coherent of the intellectual micro biome.

Steven Cambell

The Sun in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries on the 2nd only a few hours before Venus enters Cancer with a splash. Our minds might race around the actions we are about to take, having to ultimately choose a path to make a move our objectives narrow down to one moment by moment even while keep our eyes on the multitask at hand, but once we get a feel for nurturing our desires and navigating by connection and a sense of nourishing pleasure we realize the path forward is a bit more intuitive than expected, despite the head-spinning amount of opinions plaguing every matter. The Sun trines Saturn the next day then Venus trines Jupiter. Ok, we are dedicating ourselves to investigating this upgrade further, and real innovation means operating as an intelligence agency collecting data on new frontiers of design constructs. Since we find the space at last to feel good, to expand and grow our values have to be fed the best formula, and it is this very balance between personal values and the mill of current opinion we look to Jupiter to put into a much wider perspective. What holds water and what is hot air.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini square’s Neptune in Pisces. Whether it is wisdom, fantasy, personal values or advice from trusted associates, when it clashes against misinformation, we end up with a mess. We’re not thinking right, we’re not sure anymore, we can’t make sense out of the text, we start to fantasize wildly, fill in the blanks, pretend we know we know what’s going on, just go along with the status quo even though it is false, its what the masses believe so we’ll be accepted adopting it, the multidirectional game of telephone distributes the corrupted information every direction saturating everything until it is sodden in malformed truth. That Mercury is in rulership he still has his dignified analytical faculties, although going back to review the document you misread you find it left out in the rain and as you flutter your eyes across it the letters pour down the page and spread into the paper. You speed read until you can’t go on, but yet you still consider the significance of the marble and tie dyed expansion of ink.

Steven Cambell

Indeed this is a turbulent time, for more reason than one. On the 10th of June at 6:45 am we receive a Solar Eclipse on the North Node in Gemini, here fulfilling the dynamics of increase and excess of information, options, data distribution and thin communication. The Gates of manifestation open and everything awaiting this world from the realm of the Mercury ruled Twin’s sign rushes in. Paradox’s abound: There is not one Sun, one Moon, but many, being juggled by tricksters, street magicians and charlatans, paperboys splitting asexually before our eyes shouting “Extra! Eexxttrraa!! Eeexxxtttrrraaa!!!” Multiplying into a second and third and forth tier fractalized overtone register where we only hear late spring insects proliferating in the hot, wet wind. I might not say today what I’m going to say tomorrow but by then you’ll be hearing it from someone else.

This eclipse is nestled right up to retrograde Mercury himself, so tongue twisters will require backwards driving vehicles if anyone expects the solar storm chasers to make heads or tails of all the phenomenon. This retrace of steps, as mentioned reference last year, so what where you up to that Jupiter couldn’t allow you the opportunity to do while down in Saturn’s dungeon? Retrace your steps all the way into last years to do lists and scan your old camera roll for reminders of what you looked in the mirror 365.5 days ago. The Inferior Conjunction goes exact around 9:15pm Eastern so if you want to find a needle in a haystack look then.

Judit Reigl

Sun’s up next for squaring Neptune on the 13th, and I’m sure we’ll be feeling plenty dazed and confused by then, and probably rightly distracted by some nostalgic cinematic escapism at this point anyway. At least search the surface of your fantasies well enough to gather your thoughts about your actual dreams. That’s literally the name of the game as Mercury slows down and stations direct on the 22nd. He’ll have to turn around and square Neptune again in the beginning of July but at least at that point he’ll have a better ability to categorize fact vs fiction.


William Etty

Personal Space Bubble: Planets in Cancer

June hosts its more than fair share of both liquid relief and possible wet spots to slip in. Mars is already in Cancer at the turn of the calendar, which comes out the tube more than a bit passive aggressive, unless the sensitive subject is breeched, then it’s broken bottles and biting. Venus makes us receptive to a much more pleasant dynamic, where care and kindness are quite attractive, we gravitate toward hours at the spa, or delight in preparing meals, luxuriate in sleep, bond with nourishment and meaning, and like our artistic intake to carry philosophical nutrients as well as intuitive beauty. So summon Madonna poolside as this is a very tits-out aesthetic in the classical sense. This initiates Venus and Mars’ copresents that will close in on a unified location over the the next several weeks, placing Yin and Yang in close proximity. Even if your fantasies are far from hetero, this dynamic is a gradual consolidation of desire and action worth paying attention to.

Suzanne Marie Leclair

Indeed, Venus, the planet of desire, pleasure, and sensuality comes into harmonious alignment with Jupiter powerful in Pisces, the star of Zeus in the sign of dissolving boundaries eyeing Venus with some license to let the pampering begin. Our personal values feeling comfortable about a healthy dose of its all good from a sage perspective sounds more than much needed, but remember this is amidst a strikingly turbulent time, still ratcheted with restriction, so make an effort to not simply escape, but allow for the much needed lubrication into the rollers so you can continue with the redesign of your life. We’ll have to balance our tactical actions to generate health and safety for ourselves with observation of the heavy themes plaguing society as Mars opposes Pluto around this time. Everything is still contextualized by the train wreck which was last year, barely having yet skidded to a stop.

Valentina Plishchina

Mid month Venus square’s Chiron. There’s things that feel good that are maybe not good for us, and our impulses might lead to ulcers in the belly even when the food and drink is profoundly delicious. Mars struggles to be sharp in Cancer, but not so sharp it pierces the cocoon and spills the precious amniotic. Almost immediately from here Venus sextiles Uranus. These pangs in the belly maybe were signaling something rumbling under the surface ready to erupt. When the pleasure of self care becomes a revolutionary methodology to over through the standardization of the state we might expect certain sensual expressions of domestic rhythm to collaborate with what’s jamming the system. Right on time the Sun ingresses Cancer and we get the warm rays of the longest day of the year, sacred to St. John, and herbs of vitality and healing are gathered in his name, and the Gates Of Incarnation above open, and souls descend into our world like a waterfall of life, at the confluence of the Underworld and the Celestial, pinned to the spinning heavens and home of the gods. Certainly a cause for celebration. And yes, that very next morning Venus trines Neptune, the Moon even coming around that evening around 10pm Eastern to activate a Grand Water Trine making for a rather excellent time to merge with nature, sky, earth, plants, divinity and all other beings entheogenics involved or not. This is a Solstice worth celebrating, the table is set for high saturation. Indeed, Mercury goes direct the following day, as if our brains realign from the refreshments, then the day after that the Sun trines Jupiter and we can see intuitively from a place of compassion how it all comes together as one inseparable whole.

Charlotte McLaughlin

Just as we’re having a kind of multi-day mystical revelation and brain straightening exercise we get at last to meet our counter-sync and ground back into the chronology of time in a big way. Venus opposes Pluto on the evening of the 23rd then the Moon goes Full in Capricorn on the 24th at 2:30pm on the East Coast. I wouldn’t call this a total joy killer, as the Full Moon is sextile to Jupiter while Jupiter is trine the Sun. This is perhaps Jupiter’s ultimate power at play: even Evil has a place in God’s Garden— Villains play their appropriate roles in the high seas of Shakespearean Drama. The fact that the real, the monumental, the monolithic, the foundations of earth, mortality itself, even hardship is all a part of the mystical whole is an important and profound lesson, and Jupiter here might offer the ultimate opportunity of spiritual permeability as a way to slip through the cracks when the Moon needs to make some serious walls and add natural infrastructure to accommodate our rising oceans. This is Capricorn. Invoke massive mountains and ancient civilizations and find security in the symbol of ruins, dialoguing with the ghosts that might wander there.


Steven Cambell

Mad Science: Saturn square Uranus

Perhaps the most major feature of 2021 is the square between Saturn and Uranus that persists all year and goes exact three times, one of which is smack in the middle of June, 3pm eastern on the 14th to be exact. The last hit was right when the ice storm took down the power grid in Texas. Nothing could be more appropriate. Cold, dry and intemperate Saturn in his Airy domicile clashing against unstable and volatile voltage in the Bulls sign, unexpectedly knocking out outdated electrical systems in a land known colloquially for steers at the fault of a little bit more ice than normal only months after Saturn enters rulership in Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius calls for upgrades and updates to innovative altogether new systems, which is in itself a Saturn scaled task, not something that happens overnight, and Uranus, revolutionizes technology, in this case in Taurus, the way things have always been plodding forward with with blinders on. We can only guess where the next strike will land, but expect unexpected hold ups as outdated systems reveal themselves in multiple parts of the world. In our personal lives we might consider this. Where is there a need to redesign, update and install new innovative structures and in what other seemingly unrelated part of life is there a sustained chaos disrupting normal rhythms which is smashing up against and clashing with our new hypothetical construction? If you can locate the two layers, done pretty simply by whatever pair of houses you have Taurus and Aquarius in your nativity, you can also maybe locate how there is a call to act and a dynamic of productivity hidden in the frustrating situation. The collapse of the Texas power grid was a sign that we need to think about energy use and how its networked to the population. That bit mining requires an unsustainable energy footprint is not a sign that it will flop but more likely will catalyze a shift in our energy technology methods. In your life, what methods need to be desperately revolutionized and what systems need to be redesigned and installed with new structural considerations. For many, to make this even easier to locate, these may speak specifically the changes brought to your life from the fall out of the current Covid episode. Form yourself a series of radical experiments and then carry them out methodically incorporating more permanent components as positive feedback accumulates and supports the evidence.


Jim Woodring

The Good The Bad and the Blindspots : Greater Benefic and Malefic in Rulership

It’s worth noting that Jupiter being expansive, idealistic, compassionate, spiritual, sagacious, intuitive and free in Pisces is not in any sight path to Saturn being innovative, collectivist, progressive, totalitarian, dispassionate, data based, syndicate building, technological and hyper rationalist. Jupiter is happy with the new space and release of boundaries through which he can distribute opportunity and joy, although Saturn is not slowing down his agenda of thought control, surveillance, scientific authoritarianism, progressive totalitarianism and tech construction. They just can’t currently see each other. Remember, when we consider the whole picture, we place our joyous summer celebrations in the same universe as the emerging techno-plutocracy and pharmaceutical takeover.

Judit Reigl

Jupiter stations direct on the 20th just before the Summer Solstice. We might metaphorically consider the day of most light as a time when we have the optimal capacity to look over the knew space we’ve acquired to grow healthily within and understand exactly what we have newly acquired and how through that we can lubricate the challenges and problems in our life into transforming into well oiled machines of productive life upgrade as soon as we can get some momentum going. The previously discussed Full Moon in Capricorn is an ideal moment to observe what this might be all about. That lunation officially ends the turbulence of eclipse season, and the culmination of this earthy energy is more than enough stabilizing after a few weeks of things threatening to careen off the rails. Jupiter and the Sun are harmonized with this lunation, and Saturn offers input from Aquarius, where he is busy mentally conceptualizing an altogether new society, and it is here we might see some of his cards in a useful way. Here he might deliver something of workable substance that can aid us in climbing up a tier, as long as we are in a mind to recognize the ladder amongst the rubble, and make our ascent to new ground, essentially, fit to take the level up.

Helen Beard

Lion’s Share: Yin and Yang in Leo at the season of most light

Venus and Mars share Leo for the latter end of the Month, where they will be getting spicier by the day, as they are coming into a conjunction by mid July, where we might see a mix of impulse plus desire, action and attraction, and a bit of confrontation around pleasure exhibited. The addition of planets into fire signs adds excitement and vital energy but requires fuel, something the Capricorn Full Moon might point out: we need stuff to burn if we want a fire. If we want to do things for our selves and express our natural charisma, perform athletically and artistically, set a good example in the ring, on the stage, on the gallery walls, in the field, on the dance-floor or in the sack then we need to nourish ourselves, have an inflow of the right resources and get the right amount of rest— especially true while the Sun is in Cancer advising the pair in the Lion’s sign. As we venture this first half of the Summer more out into the world and find ourselves on display, ready to return to having a look and showing everyone what we can do, maybe a bit more aggressively than we normally would as there is plenty of pent up energy, we’ll need to stay hydrated and eat right and take breaks, as we are all a bit out of practice.

We end the month with Mars applying to an opposition with Saturn. We might be more than ready to strut our stuff and show our prowess but there are protocols in the new paradigm we are going to have to contend with. Whether they are political progressivism redefining the shape of masculine self expression or the reality of having everything you do ending up on video and entered into a database, we will have to balance our actions with what we are dealing with in this redistributing power structure across the threshold of historical change into unknown territory.


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