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Hunger To Know

The tomb chamber, pregnant with bone, fills the void to unknown extant, the lid stone rolls shut with a satisfying click and all within is immersed in darkness, or so we believe but do not know. The slabs of stone descend as stairs, level that reach into caverns below, the walls around the vast space chiseled from soft volcanic rock into rectangular reliefs, inset with busts of those great few that came before and set down the corner stones from which our history has been stacked. The beauty of their features static, stays in cold, dry wait for a time that never comes. Kissed by black air and caressed by the absence of breeze, only the slow and silent drafts of exhaling crypts which softly lift to keep some sort of time for the sake of long memories that stack upon the desk of fate like so many leafs and layers. The ripe flesh and flush cheeks and exaltation of skin on skin, of draping silk, of luscious fruit, languid days passing the time with sweet melodies in luxurious seats, surrounded by bloom perfume and gentle skies; all of this is fleeting. We are moist embodied for moments and then brittle desiccation forever; like the brief succulent bud set in a skeletal flower. The architecture around us tells us this, and the hard reality it portrays, brick upon brick and stone upon stone stacks up a story that only enhances the beauty and vamps up the value of our precious few sips of the elixirs of life and short lived feast where we sink our teeth into the succulent fronds of earth’s delights. Sometimes, caught in the cogs and brackets and stop start push and pull of the machine working away upon the treadmill of affairs, of trials and tribulations we receive short windows between whistle blows, brief retreat and respite waiting for the steel arm to come around and arrive at our station where we have the chance to indulge ourselves in all our senses and lose our cares in the full ecstasy of existence. If we ignore our bodies and tarry too long or hesitate we might miss these perfect windows of escape between the sandwich stones of inescapable obligation. Like erotic bondage, these restraints can amplify our pleasure and render our desires most acute.

Such limitations on our minds can cause our ideas and interests to multiply and even divide and diverge on opposite courses wondering which way we should go if we can only have so much time or so much resources to do so; there is so much to pursue, then what or which shall we choose? Our curiosity escalates in courses. If our time is limited, and the machinations of our world will ultimately chew us up in the end, from dust to dust, we must then protect our nests and larders from harm or any other infiltration. If there is only so much time or money to have a good time and enjoy the good life, then we are driven to lock tight the pantry and guard it with whatever artillery we might muster. Thus, we become hedonistic, opportunistic and moody. We brood, we take advantage of what comes our way, we are receptive, deceptive, intuitive, selfish, sensual and pragmatic all at once. Our minds race as we try to maximize our satisfactions. Under the pressure of our obligations, the need to reduce our systems and the looming cloud-bank of unknowns, the very stormcloud of fears we obsess over that may or may not come and obscure our fortifications in speculative futures. We need to radicalize our understanding and approach to material culture, to creative growth, to preparing for fertility, to sensuality itself; how we experience pleasure must be revolutionized as what delivered us material satisfaction before is quickly becoming defunct. If we are going to have our cake and eat it too, if we are not going to be doomed to choose A over B, if we are going to be nonbinary and fluid between the paradoxical ends of antithesis, we need to look to new imaginative philosophies of hybridization that inspire and motivate us toward our most ultimate and noble goals, holy ideals, sacred targets; we need divinely inspired optimism in the face of inescapably bleak situations, not because we are naive, but because we are also authors of our own personalities as well as the collective narrative, not by our votes alone and our bureaucratic contributions and civil voice but by the fact that what we project into the future before us helps sculpt the events we experience. It is not only our own petty annihilation at stake, but the pleasure the Universe itself experiences through us and our own senses. We must radicalize our own love and lust, not for the sake of ‘over’-indulgence, but for a more sensual reality that resonates with the actual divine. We must learn how to mythologize our own existence, to see reality as story, and begin to merge components and create chimeras we may ride swiftly across the thresholds of shadow into unfinished futures, unknown natures, and oncoming epochs.

By Month

Mars and Mercury in Cancer and Solstice

Mars spends his time throughout the month of June in Cancer, which he ingressed on May 15th and will remain until July 1st. This is where Mars finds his fall, and a particular trap is set for how he normally functions. Mars, who is normally tactical, critical, responsive, confident, capable and effective is clouded over by emotional concerns and attachments, may decide to retaliate because his feelings are hurt, and be over protective of people, places and things which carry sentimental content. Passive aggression is possible, as are civil wars or the turning of blades inwards to spar with family and others in close proximity to your primary cares. We could find ourselves fighting for or with our mothers, both literally and metaphorically, as well as protecting our pet projects, the growth of our more sensitive creations in an attempt to preserve ideal conditions and preferred parameters even if it comes to blows, and this extends to keeping intruders away from our food and most comfortable furniture. Seeing someone in our own bunks snacking on our supplies might set us off and blow the bugle for taking up arms against the intruder. Mercury splashes into the pool early in the Month, putting our analytical minds into the affairs and triggering Uranus’ influence in radicalizing and wanting to revolutionize what foods and material things even are surely puts an experimental edge and volatile ingredient into the mixture, and some of the useful information which is beginning to emerge from such experiments shows up as data along the way. Both Mars and Mercury trine Neptune midmonth as our thoughts and actions begin to mobilize toward shared objectives, but in a way that is likely to have our emotions diluting us in illusion and finding ourselves fighting within fantasies. Simultaneously, the two planets oppose Saturn, and our concerns for growth, needs, safety and the resources necessary to develop are met with a hard stare from obligations and inescapable restrictions; the trick is to put our protection of growth and respect to responsibilities in balance, although its both malefics so it will be all challenge and no playing nice. Steer the ship toward productivity and minimized damages and you might find yourself in a better situation than before the storm arrived, despite having to choose losses along the way. Then the opposition immediately turns to Ketu and Pluto along the way. This pivots upon Rahu, the very Head of the Dragon; we may see a situation where we need to purge and prune our constructions while meanwhile we become insatiably hungry to grow and amass more resources to do so. Our emotions can easily go into terrible tantrum here. Losing our heads may be unavoidable here so make sure you are away from sensitive places and people and direct the deluge into something useful. Pluto adds both overwhelming fear and ignorable obsession to the equation, but use the layers of shadow to satisfy your inner detective and attempt to be investigatory rather than the victim of a conspiratorial avalanche.

Mars is in triplicity here, so despite being too upset to be direct and clear, he might still have his heart in the right place, and his intuitions may be correct even though his methods are more sloppy than is helpful; protecting and defending what we need to grow and be safe and properly nurtured is a just cause, we just have to be aware and monitor when we are being smart and strategic and when we are being a dangerous baby with a loaded gun.

Venus in Taurus and the trine to Capricorn

Venus remains in rulership until late evening on the 8th, beginning our month with an awareness of how pleasure, beauty and sensuality must be prioritized in both a world and in a season where there is only so much good stuff going around and we should absolutely learn to enjoy it while it lasts, but also preserve it so it remains in tact, is renewable and not wasted or destroyed out of negligence or neglect. Saturn wants to ration, reduce, limit and render lasting and enduring while Venus in late Taurus understands that just because the soil is fertile doesn’t mean the crops will withstand pests or blight. Enjoy it while it lasts, and in fact, adhere to strict guidelines so that it absolutely does. Pluto’s influence may ‘put the fear in us’ in a good way; manage things accordingly or else the party’s over; and Ketu says along the way, you’ll have to lose this and this and this or else your aesthetics will be polluted.

Outer Planets Retrograde

With planets making aspects to recently stationed and now retrograde Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter we may feel as though story-lines in our lives and in the world at large have come to a standstill. The plot somehow hit a snag and it appears that things are ot moving along as they once were. this is exacerbated by the pile up of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto in Capricorn, which have us lost in a void where things of inconceivable magnitude need to be dealt with for an indefinite amount of time, many of the issues needing pruning, shedding or dismantling before there can be new flow and growth. In a sense the the film is on pause, but in that moment of still picture we have the opportunity to make very direct and specific alterations and familiarize ourselves in depth with areas that are currently pinned down for better or worse. What we are currently doing is dealing with some heavy and neglected stuff, for many these are actual solid slabs which have physical weight and measurable proportions. It’s tough work, but the goal is to get through it, or enough of it, to be on the other side by the time the conveyer-belt of time roars once more to a start. No one likes dead stop traffic on the freeway, but if there are fires to put out or major adjustments to be made within the car then having a brief pause is more than appreciated. I’ve talked about this before, but how often have we wished everything could just stop for a second, but once it does our instinctual reaction is to panic and put all our energy into trying to get the boulder rolling again. Yes, getting things in motion will take some of our own effort, but a strategic adjustment to the slow pace has its own advantages. You might monitor other people’s progress to contrast it against your own. If everyone seems to be creeping along at 5mph then you are allowed to give yourself some rest and not waste your energy paddling between winds; its probably more wise to check all your rigging and tidy up the cabin while you wait for the next session of more mobile weather.

Unfortunately, the retrograde motion adds to the feeling that you are losing ground, as the outer planets all roll backwards through the zodiac we might find ourselves returning to topics from yesterday, last month, late last year. Consider this also an opportunity to make adjustments and make sure you are on the trajectory you intended to be on and reset yourself to right your course and true your aim when our doubling back has come to a close. This is not the jerky ride Mercury or Mars retrogrades deliver, but slow tidal motions of enormous outer planets. We want to be with the long ebb and flow of their cycles. It’s a time now to reduce and to understand, to be clear and not over burdened, even if that means laboring through a purgation process for the time being to reach a clean and stable building site buried beneath and be ready with refreshed and updated plans for construction later in the summer. Lets get the conditions right before we rush into idealistic, risky or complicated new projects.

Sun, Mercury and Venus’ time in Gemini

June begins with Mercury in late and the Sun in early Gemini, kicking things off with an investigatory orientation; we’re curious and considering many different options and exploring a variety of ideas. Mercury quickly switches into Cancer by June 4th, where expressing our emotions and turning our investigations toward what we might need to feel safe what nourishment we require for growth. This emotional overlay colors the Sun’s glasses in Gemini’s intellectual territory, and keys in to a tone persistent throughout 2019, as the North Node, or Rahu is currently in mid to late Cancer, rendering themes of growth, need, emotion, nurturing, safety, nest, care and intuition with a particular urgency; We may need to recharge on mother’s milk and spend some time in the safety of the crib to balance out the hard realities and tough purgations of the Saturn-Ketu-Pluto project. This can also have us hungry for the world and growing too fast for comfort. Our clothes no longer fit, our bedrooms no longer suit us, our current collections of tools seem like mere toys, we’re held back in preschool but feel we are ready for PHD programs. It’d be best to at least identify what our ideal conditions for stable and steady growth are and prioritize them, especially to contextualize what dismantle in the concrete dimension, rather than reach too quickly for toys too delicate for us to play with or foods we are too underdeveloped to digest. In Gemini, the Sun will be taking in all this information through so many google searches and conversations and library books and magazine articles to try to find stimulating and potential pathways. Venus enters the Twins sign June 8th and spends the month helping us be chatty, charming, eclectic, curious and attracted to information, taking pleasure in factoids and drawn to making artful multi media collages with what we find, some of which may dilate massively and become more illuminating as they increase in scope as all three planets will oppose Jupiter three quarters of the way through the sign, and also, send us down a rabbit hole of confused and clashing data as they square Neptune almost simultaneously. There is a you have to get extremely lost and hopelessly confused first to find yourself ultimately to the wisest solution dynamic afoot here, so beware and employ some tactical indifference to delusion and derailment as things oversaturate and then seem to somehow sort themselves out before your eyes. You’ll want to be ready to pluck the right pieces from the pool as they surface, and then assemble your strategy from what solid stuff remains.

Full Moon In Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs just after 4am (EST) on Monday the 17th. This is the Moon juicing up to fullness still separating from conjunction with the Greater Benefic in his day sect domicile. We might want to ready ourselves to ride the mythological humidity (watery Moon and fiery Sagittarius) into copious cups of abundance. Jupiter is likely to overbrim the cornucopia here, which may manifest physically, as you might be privy to a fantastic feast, but of the sort which fills the bellows which stoke your heart as much as your belly. In this I mean, a feast for the spirit, an accumulation of inspirational victuals and motivational mincemeats; the Holy Grail seeming in sight by night’s impressionistic perspective. We feel our intuitions ability to feel our way toward our goals and press all the malleable pieces together into one ideal composite that can meet and overcome the challenges by instinct alone. I would suggest preparing feasts to invite inspiration and opportunity in; to drink and make merry until you are much wiser in retiring than you were when approaching the table; to feast on wisdom and inspiration itself rather than wine and food, such as gorging on literature and the performing arts or on religious retreat. Or literally taking your tarot deck to the dockside and summoning the crustacean depicted to the surface for a devotional seaside feast of shellfish, butter, bread and brine. Both Mercury and Mars conjoin Rahu here, and though that means they also oppose the Capricorn complex of Saturn-Ketu-Pluto, they will be very much with the Dragon’s Head, sharing his experience of insatiable hunger, in this case in full view of what serious and scary possibilities and potentialities our current days portend. This in a way sounds very High Renaissance: Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

By Week

Monday May 27th to Sunday June 2nd

-Mercuryday 5/29/19: 9:30pm: Mercury square Neptune

-Jupiterday 5/30/19: 1pm: Venus sextile Neptune

-11pm: Mercury opposite Jupiter

-Venusday 5/31/19: 11am: Venus trine Saturn

-noon: Mars into Cancer 2

-2pm: Mercury into Gemini 2

5pm: Venus into Taurus 3

-Saturnday 6/1/19: 4pm: Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus

-Sunday 6/2/19: 11:30pm: Venus trine Pluto

Mercury square's Neptune in the evening on Mercury's day of rulership. Mercury is in charge here although there is not much as debilitating to our Messenger planet as hard aspects with Neptune. We might expect our logical faculties, ability to organize, analyze, communicate and navigate clashing against fantasies, delusions, illusions, confusions and in a hopefully productive tension with free flowing imagination. Sinse Mercury next opposes Jupiter, let us hope that this is like a getting hopelessly lost and confused along the way and never arriving at the destination but finding a place by accident that suits much better than the original objective that you had no idea even existed. Let's hope. Either way it looks like a rabbit hole of information melting in our hands and ending up delivering us something inspirational and path affirming in the end. Fingers crossed and patience employed we will likely land in the best place available, even though we are likely to make some splashes along the way and wet the works and blur some paperwork. It's a good time to remind to not believe everything that you read; especially in the buzzing beehive-mind of the internet which is more bogged down with subjective, emotional slop than actual cunning content. It's worth noting that this finds Mercury exiting combustion, as if the water the cat spilled on the alarm clock slightly before its set to go off, so we start up as intended but with a mess instantly on our hands, but one that instigates us to investigate better ways of organizing our receptors.

Thursday Venus sextile's the Neptune in Pisces from her rulership in Taurus. Maybe there was something we fancied actually about the feline pranks by the bedside that spilled water which put us in an imaginative rhythm, and hands in materia, rendered the scene in clay or applied pigment to paper or brought the whole affair down to the ground and rolled around with it in pleasure. It might have been logically meaningless, but there was enough physical and intuitive synchronicity to lubricate our aesthetic and sensual senses. In classic Gemini "season" sense, things are meaning multiple things at once and working on multiple levels. We might find our own distractions and interruptions sexually intriguing and get a kick out of getting lost in the mist, preferring it to reaching our destination on time, even though, that doesn't stop us from continuing the search, just awakening our receptivity to how we could satisfy our desires more fully along the way. As Mercury opposes Jupiter later Thursday night, its likely, as noted above, we find what we've stumbled upon much more interesting and inspirational than what we were initially searching for.

The next morning (Friday) Venus trines Saturn. I've talked about the harmonization of Taurus to Capricorn a lot this past month; indulging our natural pleasures for food, sex, beauty and luxury often works out quite well with remaining in Saturn's parameters of limited resources. Idleness and languidity tend to burn less fuel than manufacturing and industriousness. If there are limited supplies, chill out and enjoy the scenery. In Capricorn's second decan this takes epic constructions in mind and in Taurus' second the organic rhythm and pace of natural ripening must be kept to as it is impossible to rush the grass in growing; our works of art accumulate depth by not dashing through them but by experiencing them as a prolonged sensual encounter that ends when the apex is reached and the final piece is placed. Mars, the Sun and Venus all progress into new decans Friday, so it may feel like a day where situations are showing new faces and varied perspectives offer themselves; issues may bloom in dimension and vantage point. Saturday, June 1st the Moon comes to join Venus in Taurus and our feeling for al this sensual attraction to material matters and being in sync with a slow and sultry pace keeps rolling on home. By Sunday June 2nd Venus trines Pluto, finishing her latest pass of aspect with the heavy handed configuration collected in Capricorn. Our sensual, organic and natural understanding of wealth and material manifestation seems in harmony with our willingness to go beyond what we already know and the space of shadow where fears usually harbor might seem worth crossing or considering as a source of momentum in craft. When we begin by feeling the dirt and sensing our way on we often close our eyes to concentrate on the information our body tells us, and at this point we also let in messages from the void itself, and what we value most might parade in from the blackness like an initiation. The Moon wanes to its darkest this night whether coincidence or otherwise.

Monday June 3rd to Sunday June 9th

-Moonday: 6am: New Moon in Gemini 2

-Marsday: 4pm: Mercury ingress Cancer

-Mercuryday: Venus conjunct Caput Algol

-Jupiterday: 11am: Jupiter returns to Sagittarius 2

-Venusday: 9am: Mercury sextile Uranus

-Saturnsday: 10pm: Venus ingress Gemini

-Sunday: Sun square Neptune

The week begins with an early morning New Moon in Gemini. The veil thins and in the interim we become especially curious about what might be seen or heard on the other side. What kind of information from the recesses of manifestation can be gleaned. It is here that we not only listen for communications, and are willing to decipher even the most arcane, cryptic, scrambled or corrupted messages that slip through the neglected windows which open into vantblack nocturnal expanse, but also are tuned to pick up on the faintest of whispers from the void, and lay our letters out over the threshold for translation, like someone on the shore at night scrawling out the sounds they hear from the hush of silent sea and organizing the foam phonemes into wind scattered ticks that scratch the surface of the shifting skin of sand. This is not Moon pregnant with light but drowned in darkness, This is not frantic activity but motion of mind in the midst of caesura, the automatic hypnogogic wash quiet in the pause for breath. There's so much there, like digital accidents in the programming splashback empty of intent. It is also a time to take the curiosity kernels and plant them firmly in the black compost of lunar negative so investigations over the next 29.5 days might fruit abundant as inspirational updraft when the cycle culminates to fullness in Sagittarius as a banquet of coherent realization and higher wisdom hosted over by Good Ol' Jove himself. So get your Mercurial coinage rummaged out of your pockets and insert it through the crescent slice while you still can and pull the bar whose burnt end pivots at the crotch of the crossroads fork. "What would you like to know?" Asks the animatronic carnival cartomancer. This round we may grow intellectual, philosophical and spiritual grapes of gold that can ripen into a fine vint which bursts and splashes into our glasses by the 17th (also on a Moonday) which light our minds with uplifting insights.

Hurry, as Mercury ingresses Cancer on Tuesday at 4pm and the whole dynamic changes. At this point we'll be busy figuring out how we can organize all the factors to make our domestic spaces safest, most comfortable, and continually feed our precious projects as well as analyze our emotions and communicate our needs. This is going to flow downstream to the Sun, who will be striving to research everything he can to facilitate and identify with these intellectual aims, so it will universally color much of the month. Wednesday this will be especially acute, and Venus in rulership in Taurus passing over the star Caput Algol will fill the world with threatening energy, sexual potency, wrathful seduction, serpentine potency and poisonous power. We've got things we need to find out more about to keep our babies alive and thriving while the world is a very dangerous and sexy place.

Thursday Jupiter backs into the 2nd decan of Sagittarius, and we take another broad glance at the hybridizations, admixtures and combos we optimistically put together earlier in the year to see if they still make sense and try to get a greater understanding over them and how their blended potentials might drive us to achieve our ultimate desires. The tarot reading illuminates some interesting ideas about yesterday and how it got us here now and what that might mean for where we are going, and maybe what opportunities were created by the paths we chose to take, and looking at them from high above, which places they lead to as we consider where we ultimately want to go.

Friday Mercury sextiles Uranus from Taurus. Sextiles don't spark tons of action, and are more potentials for one part of life to collaborate with another, for one storyline to work hand in hand with its cousin; but Mercury in particular accepts Uranus the best, and as we are still wondering what to make of the Promethean planet in the Bulls sign, we might looks to how we innovating materially could benefit our nursery and nesting needs. If we mix compost with this radical fertilizer that just might supersize what we've got in the greenhouse. Saturday Venus ingresses Gemini, and another planet gets downstream from Mercury in moody and motherly waters. Venus here struts her social stuff, becoming very chatty and attracted to talk and artful exchange and collaging media to make moving masterpieces and choreographed montage. Aestethics trend toward the eclectic and are effervescent with commentary, quotation and referential context. Backmasked and layered with multiple meanings, we'll take pleasure in discussing all that's being said about every little thing in a romantic mood and with an emotional saturation which soaks into the ephemeral and weights it with water putting flesh upon thoughts that might otherwise take flight and float away.

Sunday the Sun squares Neptune, and we find ourselves startled by how lost we've gotten ourselves. In the face of all this emotion and new information and potential blossoming and defense of our needs and expenditure of our energy and social stimulation we realize that our imaginations and fantasies are both urgent and alarming, that we are both disillusioned and dreaming of something else, that we've found ourselves in an Invisible City from which we fear we might never return. How did we ever get to this point and place? Life is abuzz with so much information and our emphatic and intuitive faculties drown us and wash us into the static background noise away from where we can find clues leading us back to our own histories and agendas; the streets have been flooded and our trail of crumbs is gone. Extremely dissorienting, but as the Sun continues on, applying to oppose Jupiter, we find that we became lost precisely to find ourselves in this new realm which is much closer to our ideal direction than we could have previously imagined.

Monday June 10th to Sunday June 16th

Monday June 17th to Sunday June 23rd

Moonday 6/17/19: 2am: Venus into Gem 2

-4am: Full Moon in Sag

-7am: Mercury into Cancer 3

Marsday 6/18/19: noon: Mercury conjunct Mars

Mercuryday 6/19/19: 7am: Mercury opposite Pluto

-11:30pm: Mars opposite Pluto

Venusday 6/21/19: noon: Sun ingress Cancer

Sunday 6/23/19: noon: Venus opposite Jupiter

This week opens with the recoil which follows the double whammy action of this corner of 2019's most characteristic astrological configurations. Planets aspecting Jupiter in rulership in sagittarius while others aspect the Saturn-Pluto-Ketu vs.Mars-Mercury-Rahu opposition. With the Sun and Venus in Mercury's sign of Gemini we can assure that what at one point appeared to be parallel tracks is now hopelessly weaving and getting tangled up with one another before our very eyes. We used to have a good track and a bad track running simultaneously yet separate, but now they seem to be trafficking each others wares around and crossing rails. This convergence causes a fair bit of confusion, although, it does give us some opportunity to use opposite, opposed or other type information to our advantage in a big way. Some of our fruits fallen and landed in our path as road apples fit perfectly into our pet project of slinging shit on the side. Most of July's ticking time bombs have been set, and amongst the mechanical music of a metronome on who's conveyer belt we ride through a garden of land mines we can also enjoy the rousing songs of monks and cheering of encouragement which lifts our hearts into our mouths where we begin to deliver messages to ourselves and whoever else might be around about what our big project actually is, as the campfire flames carry torches for us through halls of imagination where mirrors reflect and display the many faces of our multidimensional master plan. the hologram is so real we can reach out and draw it to us and greet it with a kiss, we are so happy to see it and meet our fantastic future self at last for the first time, we're grinning ear to ear as the train grinds to a halt and derails delivering us into a ten mile traffic jam in which we get to spend quality time with our excited thoughts serenaded by the throbbing of jackhammers breeching pavement and cement which decays as easily as history raining onto our hard hat as the spectral glow of our fantasy and whimsy provides enough light amidst the dust harsh storm burgeoning to make quick and frantic notes onto napkin scraps to keep track of all the good ideas we can't speak into our voicememo as we are out of batteries and lost and looking for a place to eat and some water to drink before the headache seizes our logic and we have to crawl into a corner and recuperate with only the very lean resource of time to sip and restore our desiccated shells to the moist and warm and plump state they usually enjoy; but before it comes down to such defeat the road flagger slips a roast duck into our berth and we devour it alone in our compartment with a glass of sherry and luckily we are saved from boredom and stagnation by the generous fowl who descended the skies in sacrifice that we may move one gameboard spot closer to the chalice of glory which like the sunset itself beckons us over horizons like moth to flam.

Tuesday Mercury catches up to Mars, for the first of three conjunctions before the Summer is through, and in Mars' fall with two planets in the skies tuned into Mercury's channel of the radio, we are going to have plenty to complain about, some fightin' words on the tip of our tongue, and some emotionally polluted thoughts. It will be a time, although, that we may be called to express or articulate exactly what our list of demands details in regards to what resources we require to grow and be well and feel safe and assure comfort and for god's sake get a little R & R from time to time. Try to avoid bursting any sensitive bubbles that can't be reshaped, especially of the domestic sort, but also be careful to not simply swallow toxic words and end up with a sickness inside that spoils your own health. It might be handy to use this urgency and attention to detail, as wet as it is, to organize the ideal irrigation system around your own greenhouse, and make sure baby has their bottle, and plenty of formula or mother's milk flowing to nursery, making critical corrections where they need be while also taking into consideration that everyone else is busy doing the same and butting heads will be easy if you are not careful. This is partly why Saturn has been busy on the Marie Kondo project from hell, him and his board of directors are trying to get the weight stripped off the old Cadillac so that the floaties add enough buoyancy to barge her across the troubled waters into the river Styx before its time for a good old fashioned reincarnation in Hades' Garage; the olde' St. Louis stripdown which once went hand in hand with a summer spent cruising lakeside but now means we relinquish our last kernels of nostalgia to Chiron's bony hand before we disembark: but wait! So many of our old rootstocks are still good to grow on! Amazing! Get choppin, and grab a watering can, this Summer we are sure to dig up all the old rootballs and plant them somewhere on the other shore. Where to, you ask? We don't know yet. We're staring into the black void of the mailbox waiting for a reply to materialize. In the meanwhile, keep the shrubbery potted, moist and fertilized. See you on the sunny side. {Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on Wednesday, duly noted}

The Sun joins the fun on Friday the 21st at noontime (EST) to initiate the Summer Solstice right smack dab on the confluence of the ecliptic and the milky way where the Gate of Men opens and souls descend into the sublunar sphere, passing Cautopates torch pointed down they fall from celestial rivers out of the underworld somehow progressing past the pulsating points marking the collected spirits of dead heroes we know as the sparkling firmament. Ominous, and a perfect final horn blast from the Sun's time in Gemini when we saw things to be so truly dual, so pan- and an- or either or neither, and as we made a choice to feed one and deprive or deny their twin we plunge into emotional pools where the pirañas have been thrashing and sharks circling, and the primary piece descends into it's puzzle place preparing us for July's promised eclipses. We celebrate here with the likes of St. John and so many other solar folk legends, the maximum amount of light, as necromantic herbs burgeon in the bays and spill out of shadows and soil heaps into the open fields, flowers painting the verdant carpets with frolicking dots to rival the starry sky. The springs of Summer flow forth, and around it our guards patrol, murmuring of the latest news learnt from the battlefields, the moire of chatterings equals= Not In My Back Yard.

Luckily for everyone, no pun intended, Venus opposes Jupiter midday on Sunday the 23rd. Collect this dripping feast of beautiful ideas that fizzes with lusty details and froths with mythological potential and results in a certain inebriation which cannot be quickly classified but is certain to have you overjoyed to tell and take in some tall tales for a greater purpose and roll in eclectic bubble gum galore as a dog might somersault across a carcass. This is a beautiful, bubbly and awe inspiring aspect delivered amongst a time quadruple underlined as serious. The problem is having your cake and eating it too, but with so much fluidity floating around I'm sure we can come up with a way to imagine it into action.

Monday June 24th to Sunday June 30th

Moonday 6/24/19: 10am: Venus square Neptune

Marsday 6/25/19: 7am: Venus into Gem 2

Mercuryday 6/26/19: 8pm: Mercury ingress Leo

Jupiterday 6/27/19: 2pm: Sun sextile Uranus

We enter this week with yesterday's opposition between Venus and Jupiter still peeling up various layers of delicious information and merging them together into inspirational clay models of what they could ultimately be that might have then enspirited and deployed for various tasks which inch us closer to our ultimate destinies. Delicious paragraphs from books and articles, photoshop projects, media collages, half of this movie then half of that, fashion posts all got thrown in the pot and became some kind of ceremonial stew which when drank opened our eyes to the vista beyond, the lay of the land before us in awe inspiring clarity, how we might arrive at our destination and the adventure that might allow us to reach our goals-- at least in our imaginations, daydreams, night visions, meditations, art trances, google wormholes or even amidst spells of hopeless confusion. Something has bloomed out of the synchronicity, and it happens to present in its blossom throne the animate emblem from a significant dream. It's all coming back around somehow, and the way forward feels energized with hope despite the known difficulties present in this season between the rock and the hard place. Somehow, it seems, sheer creativity and enthusiasm will carry us through the factory crack and collapsing infrastructure. Even if this is only true in essence, and material circumstances are more complicated and clingy clawed, we should apply this ability to 'image a way through' to our situations. Burn a passage of passion through the iron door.

Today, Monday the 24th, Venus completes her square with Neptune, and the most alarming elements of our eclectic fantasies of collected media curiosities and communication affairs and paradoxical polarity compositions which carry so much meaning and emotional impact might begin to confuse us after all. What am I even trying to say here? What does this swirling collage of magazine cuts even mean at all? This is neither positive or negative, just a point where we might have lost the plot in the sweeps and swells of dramatic seas, and lifted and lowered in the currents of empathic info exchange, and excited by consolidative philosophies and spiritual enthusiasms we could have gone a little wild with our means and mediums. But, that's only half of the story. We might have stumbled in our blissful dissolution and dissolve upon something both multivalent and unique to our/the soul we seek. Something doesn't have to be right or make sense for it to be valuable and powerful. If the sentence lacks a point it is not barred from being beautiful. Content and meaning are not rational concepts. Metaphor, play and poetry are older than voicing rational order and expressing directives. Religion is older than science, if you catch my drift, and its been a hot mess for all of human history. If we are going to free ourselves of rational materialism we have to relinquish our hold on everything coming out completely cleaned and fact checked. There is going to be some overlap, missed connection, fray, umbra, obscurity, liminality, fluidity. We are learning that culturally while still grasping for handholds to steady ourselves mid trip, like when the train jerks and we are tempted to fall, but if we were to get in touch with a wider equilibrium we might float through the turbulence unassailed.

Wednesday Mercury ingresses Leo, where we start cracking the codes on visibility and how to get our thoughts on air and our logic onto center stage, or alternately remain in the shadows until the accurate time to dart out into exposure. When its time to turn on the mic and speak and when we need to hang back and think. It's audience dynamics, speech strategy, debate mechanics, spotlight logic, performing with our tongue and displaying how sharp our wit can be. This of course effects Venus' condition still in Gemini, who goes from being attracted to emotionally loaded information and instead desires spirit rousing and exciting content, curious now about what might rouse the spirit and allow us to hear our own voice and speak for ourselves. Instead of making collages with old magazines we switch to our scrapbooks and photo-albums for fodder, and filter details from our own life into our artwork. Mercury is slowing down to station retrograde on July 7th, so a lot of time thinking about who we are, how we think about our selves and what kinds of things we want to say which best express our ego and spirit and how these things are most effectively heard and amplified in the world, how to get the most attention for what we say and how much sense it makes, or whether it makes sense or not, true or false and truth or dare, are all going to be dynamics on our mind and mingled with our enthusiasms and passions over the next few weeks. We might find ourselves authoring our autobiographies to some extent, running into a "hold up one minute" episode and then going for a hard edit and rewrite that takes us back several steps.

Thursday the Sun in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus, which is not an incredibly active aspect, but its interesting to note during the turbulence of eclipse season getting started the Sun is willing to be collaborative with the planet of volatility and disruption par excellance. Right before the Sun gets swallowed by Rahu and we all go bananas prioritizing our own needs over everything else with blind urgency Uranus tips his hat to the Sun as if to say, "ready to shake stuff up and make a bunch of revolutionary changes?" and from traditional aspect doctrine the Sun says "yup, all systems go". It seems significant that what ever Uranus is trying to radicalize and change in Taurus will be in this instance inter-related or at least in some kind of parallel relationship to what gets increased in Cancer and cut out of Capricorn. With all the lab equipment and snips and sheers in earth signs this season more permanent and physically felt alterations are likely to crop up and complete in the upcoming weeks. Less "I never really liked that part of the garden before but now I prefer it" and more "I just had to rip these couple beds up. I needed the space and I needed to start over."

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