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Wormhole Soirée

Jupiter has passed into Scorpio for the next 13 months. The planet of coherence, wisdom, philosophy, mind broadening, and higher principles grows an exaggerated set of salivating jaws that hunger for spiritual growth and expansion of knowledge as a cunning wolf does for its prey or Zeus would for coitus. This is the energy that has many succumbing to appetites for magical practice and spiritual devotion, the burning need to be one with god or the higher, noble and perfected self. We wish to fill our selves with the understanding that will transform us, we hunt for the Guru that can touch our brows and kill us on the spot, our former selves dying and our bigger and higher selves rising from the ashes. It might be a good time to buy stock in Weiser or Llewellyn.

October 11

Wednesday October 11th Mars in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius at 9 am. The last time the two squared was January 19th so this aspect has been applying steadily over the past week and will be slow to release on the other side. All of Virgo has highlighted processes, sequences, procedures and tasks of various kinds, but as this aspect perfects the deadlines are drawn with blades rather than pens and calendars are cut rather than marked. Add together action and energy with restriction and responsibility and you get industriousness and discipline whether it is forced labor or self motivated surmounting of obstacles. This is not the squirrel flitting about filling his larder with seeds, corns and nuts but the squirrel under flurry skies replenishing a robbed and depleted nest. Don’t expect your own nest to be pilfered, but expect to share in the metaphorical squirrel’s anxiety and intensity of action. Every nail here must be struck at the click of the clock no matter how weary your arms grow. As with melefics, best to make no attempt to squirm away from the pummel but direct its torment at that which deserves the industrial stitching and stamping, as an escape attempt might bring the hammer down upon our own heads. Instead, throw your to do list or mandatory obligations into the gears and work them to completion. For some this might mean reluctantly pulling yang out of desired receptacles and inserting it into obligatory ones, but this is temporary and since Saturn is the warden, neglect to do so only equals an extended sentence rather than an early parole.

Alternately this may bring an inability to act, some sort of roadblock mid race, where speeds are adjusted to the significantly slow, cars waiting out lengthy inspections until they can rejoin the competition. Or, racers unable to pull over for repairs even though their brakes are on fire, tires are blowing and engines overheating. their cars might never make it to the finish line, and passing it on foot doesn’t necessitate a win. Between all these factors we want to apply force where it is licensed and demanded, like a game of whack a mole where you could be arrested or fired from whacking the wrong mole.

Mercury enters Libra’s third face at this time, so you might be able to accept Saturn’s verdict by being able to see situations from many perspectives rather than personal ones, and even opportunities to hand off work to others who are better poised to tackle the task might become likely, bringing much needed relief and buying time, especially for those who can don the cap of diplomacy and swing social organization.

October 13th

The Sun follows Mercury into Libra’s final stretch over night and into the day of the 13th, and golden Sol is the pivot nugget that equalizes either scale, often obscured by the largeness, urgency and variety of what hangs in the balance. Here identities are secondary things compared to the equilibrium of the universe and the many demands that tie its inhabitants together. The thorough seeing glimpse karma constructs here, but most see their mundane counterparts, the interweaving stories that fascinate long-form novel readers, the thickly woven plots of Gaddis, Pynchon and Barth, where one situation is inextricably tangled in another. Lynch and Frost take this to another level, literally involving action on multiple spheres of manifestation, as occurs also in the alleys and outbacks of The Maxx. Mesmerizing to watch the play-out but we are often blind to the knot loops we stroll through ourselves in our own attempts to satisfy every customer, even our machinations and ambulations to satiate ourselves. This is a theme picked up in the following air sign of late Aquarius, but relevant here, as the pacts we make and the balancing of the fields is the prequel that explains how the scene got set up in the first place. Magician’s take note: its most effective to cause change before the event is set in motion, and it requires a suspension of belief and detachment from identity to do so; all of which are built naturally into Libra III, so it can be a good point to flutter butterfly wings that cause that tornado next year 3,000 miles away.

October 14th

Venus strolls into her sign the following morning at 6:30 am on the 14th, stratifying Libra with her virtue and lubricating the scales, smoothing roughness and moistening motion. Mercury and the Sun benefit from her patronage here; The director of the brand is in the atelier, and all of the luncheons, business meetings and client fittings will be attended to. More than mental fitness and ease of abstraction, the spirit of beauty and appreciation of culture in collective communication, the bustle of museums, or outside in the parks, the buzz around a concert, or sense of camaraderie at a popular fair. Then the Sun is not stuck managing duties he is not suited for, and Mercury is relieved to step back down into the sector of communications and measurements. What had been lacking in Libra season is restored on the 14th. This, along with Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio, brings very new tides and connotations to the season, and the 14th marks excellent occasions to create Venus talismans.

October 15th

Interestingly, the Moon steps across the North Node as Venus ingresses, maybe reminding us of sub-narratives that ultimately shape the plot more than what has been on the surface. The Moon is then over Regulus’ orb while Mercury opposes Uranus on the 15th, getting a jolt of wild innovation that might be broadcast on the Lunar Network in Virgo. These are very different configurations to the ones present during the August eclipses, although, the touches to previous sensitive points during a transitionary time might allow glimpses into what the sculpture looks like now that it has had time to be transformed behind Fate’s curtain. Had it been a bust? A face can only change so much before the identity is altered with it. Was it a business? When a bar does more entertaining than selling drinks they become a concert hall or theatre. Was it a routine? After so many repetitions you are what you practice, whether that is a musician or a weightlifter. Was it a family or a group of friends? Depends on how many people are married or tied by blood, both things can change and one become the other from only a few critical circumstances. This is maybe an aside, but something to keep our eyes on, as a dramatic eclipse such as the one we had usually results in pivotal changes, and as I said, the Sun tends to act as a pivot in late Libra, where the personal identity is secondary to the process. This grows more acute in Scorpio to come, as the identity is a cartoon to be thrown into acid barrels. We’ll save that theme for a future forecast.

Mars also opposes Chiron here, something to think about. By array of angle we’ve had planets trailing through opposition to Uranus and aspect to Chiron in succession for a few weeks. This highlights what is innovative and volatile and what that solution might degrade or destroy, and how or if we might heal or fix it afterward. Mars can do little to heal except to amputate or cauterize, both characterized by foxhole surgeries. Here Mars is hot metal applied to contaminated water, and what we might see is an attempt to sterilize by boiling. What jolts Mercury is electricity, possibly in the sense of the social sort, suggestive of ritual. Colloquy so charged our colloids boil and the steam that rises carries away with it the sickness.

After the jolt of individuated personal fire we receive to our thinking about diplomatic communication systems the Sun sextiles Saturn; we have a vision of the bonds that connect individuals aims that form a substructure of chains beneath the flesh of the community, and are able to see the hard skeleton of the scales for not just what they are but what they intend, like scales retrofitted to double as a compound bows which whole communities wield or misile in tandem, all who stand within the circle are held in the cell of the chaos star.

October 17th

Following these realizations Mercury switches signs and conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio on the 17th simultaneous with the Moon’s conjunction to Venus in Libra. This occurs on a Tuesday, Mars’ day, and will be probably doled during subsequent planetary hours of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon, but could also drape over the whole day through Mars being in Mercury’s domicile and Mercury in His, a mutual reception by sextile signs. There is an interesting array of significances here. Jupiter drives people toward individual inner transformation, and Mercury pairs up with these drives to communicate with others and reveal the nature of their own personal quests. This could be a meet your Guru moment for some, or at least an opportunity to incept transformational collaborations or see through collaborators’ or lover’s actions into the heart of what their metamorphosis's encapsulate; like a viewing window into the chrysalis or the observance of the glass retort. Meanwhile the waning Moon conjoins Venus in Libra, the genuine charm and elegance of the hostess is augmented by a neutralizing grace which enables the welcoming drain of past aggressions, someone who can listen to you let it all out and is ready to cloth your nakedness in garments of glamour and happy to lead you toward new delights and entertainments that focus more on aesthetics of beauty and arts culture. The combination of all that transpires on the 17th is very intriguing—

— ‘Traveling to visit a cultured friend you haven’t seen in a long time, you spill your guts to them on the ride over to her art gallery where there is an opening. You only have your travel clothes but she lends you a fashionable jacket and chic accessories. The paintings and sculptures are of a primal, deep and probing nature. She introduces you to a cast of intriguing occultists who are at once intense and charming. The end of the night has you in a spin of gripping dialogues that expand your horizons and wet your appetite for real personal change. You wonder if you may have met your soul mate, but maybe they are not that but instead your spiritual guide, you’re not sure, you analyze their intentions between sentences and look for what is between the lines. After some wine you figure sex might be the best decision making tool. You kiss your friend goodnight and lose yourself to love making that is both fresh and therapeutic. New life tunnels may be opening up unexpected in the shadows that your previous life cast’—

October 19th

Something along those lines, even just as seed fantasy, reshapen to where all and all falls in your nativity. Two days later on Thursday October 19th we get a New Moon in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. Again we get the formula of new friendships, relationships and alliances forming out of the blue that are charged with innovative opportunity and revolutionary inspiration, the kind of newness that may disrupt your current or previous life, but not necessarily to its detriment. Of course Uranus is unpredictability incarnate, so this could hit each individual with a different voltage, and alternately jackpot buzzers sound, door-prize horns honk or punishing shrapnel whips past you as you stand in the booth grabbing at the flying money. These are not USD notes but social currency on closer inspection, hand written phone numbers or pages pilfered from little black books. This lunation takes place just after crossing over into the seventeenth lunar mansion of Alichil. The Picitrix says: “…everyone agrees that you should create friendship with a friend when the Moon is in this Mansion so that the friendship will be durable and never destroyed, and likewise all images for lasting love ought to be made.” Preliminarily, as it tends to do, being concerned equally with malicious as well as helpful magic, the entry speaks of making images to accomplish deception, besiege cities, make buildings more stable and and save sailors upon sea. The variety of results is specifically accomplished by placing either benefics or malefics in prominent positions or at angles of the election; irregardless, the array of possibilities contained within the mansion remind us of Uranus’ Tower-like reputation which colors this Libra New Moon, one of rendezvous, handshakes and embraces made during electric storms, earth-shakings, wild celebrations, tumult or at the event horizon of major scientific discovery. These may be the experimental relationships that form new chapters or at least deliver the death blows to old ones, whether or not the trial period of the hypothetical relationships are terminated before full subscription.

October 22nd

Appropriately Mars walks into Libra on the 22nd, highlighting the pros and cons that define experimental periods. Venus, previously described, is our ideal hostess who organizes charming soirées and galas to the cultural delight and personal pleasure of all her guests equally. Mars in Libra might want to bear arms against injustice even within such an ideal fairy tale reality. He may throw red paint through the champagne spume and bubble onto the patronesses of the arts and philanthropists who funded the affair simply because they wear fur stoles, have capital and are of the dominant class. This is precisely the wrong time for such battles, and Mars here flees from connecting with people or defending himself except when injustices to others flare his temper. This is maybe the quiet guy in a movie who goes ballistic when someone insults his mother or makes a pass at his girlfriend. The experimental and transformative revolution of relationships spelled out throughout the week prior prefaces this quite nicely as a time to see what these new alliances really look like and how our new friends really function as tastes and behaviors either compliment or clash and we are made to bear our true natures to those we have entangled with. Granted, Venus is in rulership here, so even though Mars can be disturbing, passive aggressive or over reactive, it is Venus who counters him with élan and charm and slathers on the song and dance, lets the grapes dangle down, placing an appropriate amount of flagons, jewels, flowers and feathers to the other side of the scale accordingly, in reaction to his stomps, slouches or sulks sinking down. The great hostesses who hide quarrels and culinary blunders in flutterings of libation and flurries of fugue. This form of Venus is decadent without being brash or tacky, luxurious without being ostentatious or opulent, glamorous while remaining classic and timeless. She dances openly without being gratuitous, she makes love freely without being licentious, she speaks her mind truthfully without wounding or distressing, she sings without fear so her voice sounds sonorous no matter how sweet, and it is here we realize that it is her poise that steers our perspective, we think and experience with level heads because we encounter expressions of grace which are contagious. This is true too for Mars; when he is chaperoned by her he is a noble savage, and he will have her extended company until November 7th, at which point she transitions into his sign Scorpio, and then the tables turn, oscillating in a suggestive and seductive way, leading Venus into more darkened boudoir bedchambers. For now the frolicking carousal of the gala gathering is in full swing, so we refrain from taking Venus fully below deck just yet.

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