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Magick 8 Ball

We’ve passed the full Moon. Now it Wanes. Today, Saturday the 10th, in Capricorn, traversing the 22nd Mansion, Sa'd al-Dhabih, which speaks of escaping from bondage and illness with quickness. This is appropriate, having the Sun in Gemini, contra-antiscia to the Moon. The Moon passes through a section of sky corresponding to the equal length of night in the winter to the length of day now. Instead of equality of daylight to daylight, the Moon is receptive to tonic opposite, and perhaps can through the wideness of spectrum she superimposes between the gates of Saturn and Pluto, of which she is betwixt, temporarily out of conjunct, open a portal through which you may expel bad blood, letting it slither away as she wanes down the Mercurial barber pole, for it is his night, Saturday night, and he is in rulership in Gemini, he may play the doctor, as he rushes toward superior conjunction with the Sun (accomplished on the solstice) Mercury will be looking outward into space, so as he’s directing his attention to and ultimately beyond the fixed stars of the firmament, he could be the guy to connect you with Geliel, the angel who rules this Mansion. Imagine, and by that I very well could mean make an image of the quick and slippery Capricornian sea-goat rocketing out of miasmatic smolder like missile liberation from charnel bondage clambering up tiers with stride. If you’ve ever kept canine familiars and rejoiced over observing their sure footedness when hikes tilt to the vertical, invoke them here and for this purpose, or even better, actual mountain goats, but if you’re already an Arcadian Shepherd, then I’m probably preaching to the choir.

Jupiter is now direct, and some of you may have noticed that many of the new projects resulting from great ideas that you incepted before the big planet went retrograde in early-mid March, when he was dolling out rapid mutations under the zap of Uranus, are suddenly returning to the forefront and are allowed now to grow, build or expand. Depending on where in your chart you find Jupiter will dictate what part of your life these projects exist. Jupiter will trine Mercury on Tuesday the 13th, assuring that a delivery of the ideas that need to flow in as fuel or raw material for such projects will be arriving in a more healthy and digestible dose, even if it seems like a holistic quantity. After this Jupiter gets relatively left alone for the next two weeks over which these elements of our life can steadily increase in foliage. The fact that this all occurs over the waning period of the Moon suggests that much of the seemingly increasing size of these life growth areas are in relation to the other pruning that is taking place around them, the original impetus for male porn actors to trim their pubic hair, before it became a neurotic cleanliness quo. There is more to this trimming and docking than illusory enlargement; the well pruned orchard produces the highest yield of fruit. Whether this manifests for you as cups or pentacles, streamlining your scene is advisable before Mercury and the Sun enter Cancer where Mars already waits. There has been a relative suspension of the emotional element for much of 2017, the year being heavy on the air and the fire, or the dynamics of intellect and passions, which has been to a degree positive; the low emotional content has allowed for much needed pruning to occur unhindered, where as, if you wait until after the solstice to get out there with the shears and clippers you might find you feel too attached to the branch that grows back toward the trunk to nix it, or might be crying in the barber’s chair when they spin you around and say voila! Save the drama by making the splits now while Mercury is in the twin’s sign. The Sun has just stepped into Gemini’s third decan and Mercury follows next week. This third face is ruled by the Sun and exalts in Mercury’s presence where decisions of finality and direction must be made in order to progress in a stabilized universe, sacrificing the binary in order to realize the spectrum. What’s gotta go goes and what stays gets nurtured. It’s poetic that Cancer’s theme of mother and child follows this dramatic split that harkens to every mythological siblicide, mother and child physically separating from one being into two before the child can be manifested as its own living creature. This culminates on the solstice as a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, with Mercury on the far side of the sun, in line with the Earth, Hermes sights telescopically into deep space, into and beyond the firmament, communing with the Hypercosmic Mother, Egyptian Nut et al. We’ll get back to this as it draws closer, but as a note, ready yourself to receive the stellar milk.

Mercury, who is speeding along at his swiftest, enters the second decan late tomorrow night (June 11th) and races across it until late next Friday. His influence all this week will be of extreme cleverness, that quintessential, oracular, clairvoyant brilliance of the archetypal hermaphrodite. This Mercury can not only see both sides of the coin but can simultaneously command alternating polarities, run multiple programs and exhibit keenness over the most multifaceted objects. Curious ideas, those often of the “million dollar” variety spin from this Mercury and should be caught if possible this week, so, take notes as you go, you might just be onto something. Problematic in this is an opposition between Saturn and the Sun (on Thursday the 17th) who will share Gemini with Mercury, but will be in a different face, so hopefully rulership Mercury, and decan ruler Sol are dignified enough to accomplish disentanglement in the flurry of mental activity. The Sun and Saturn face off might not be all bad. The thorough illumination of the skeleton beneath it all always has the potential to disturb, but a reality check amidst a eureka moment might be the right recipe for success, as in, the magic 8 ball says “fuck yes do it” or “no fucking way” opposed to “maybe, i dunno, ask later”. Remember though, if the ball breaks your heart, its just a plastic sphere filled with goop and text and there is much more going on outside its limited archipelago. Mercury doesn’t oppose Saturn until he’s in the third decan of Gemini as well, and all the sticky notes around your cubicle will have to be sorted by then anyway, so no great loss. Some deadlines that pop out of trashcans or drop out of the sky suddenly between the 15th and 18th might be more threats than certain sentences, but either way, they’ll help you bail some water from your boat and get your vessel more seaworthy before the SS. SolarPsychopomp sets sail for the Tropic of Cancer. Just after the Sun and Mercury pass the Saturn opposition they each sextile the Dragon’s Head and Uranus which are trine each other within a degree. It seems after some brief hazing the pair curtly receive their orders to shove off and are made official Navy. This could be like the nightmare you have the night before you start a new job. The experience of a turbulent dream is surely felt, but the dream is not itself the job. There is cause for a moment of sobriety before a mission is begun. This might even be as simple as packing that book you always said would be the one you’d choose to be stranded on a desert island with. Make sure to clean and organize your room well enough leading up to the solstice so you can find your copy of the Complete works Of William Shakespeare; don’t space it and end up spiraling in the Bermuda triangle indefinitely with only the local rag you grabbed from a coffee shop that morning and your dead phone.

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