I write my astrology forecasts for the magically operative and creatively active, so benefic influences can be harvested and also turbulent energies can be processed and put to good use, rather than being ducked, dodged or taken with a wincing restraint. 

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September 1, 2019

          The many pods across the littered landscape open slightly to reveal the cream center within, soft gas wafting from the aperture and sweet must perfume seeping from the slit accompanying delightfully muffled whimpers.  Listening closely four separate pitches can be discerned from the cries, one sounds like the source of wind, a kind of primeval squeal or porpoise thoughts lifting through a silent gale in white night; another the result of winds in the local environment, such as rustling leaves and tustling grass or sifting sand, the next a ball of bees mid-nest in the central crack of winter, and finally the gooseneck glide that woodwind instruments imitate.  Teased out as such a lot of information about nutrit...

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